Saturday, 6 November 2010

Project Latvia: 42

Hello again! I'm taking a break to write this down, because I just have to tell you the story and share my excitement! Tevta told me about this weeks if not months ago and I couldn't wait for us to finally get the package! Finally about a week ago she told me to get her my WL, and I knew Project Latvia was on the move. :D The thing is, she met this awesome girl that was more than glad to start swaping, and when she told us she has the chance to clear our WLs a bit on this event they had, we just couldn't miss the opportunity! 

So the package arrived today, and we had to open it together. Like early Christmas AND birthday, I'm telling you! 2,8 kg of nail-polish, baby! We didn't know which from our WL are in  the package, because Linda wanted to surprise us, she's really a sweetheart. :)

 Me, as I started ceremoniously to open the package.

 The hole, that got Tevta totally worried that someone might took some bottles out. I put the package on our kitchen scale, just to make sure, luckily there were no nail-polish freaks at post office this time! But the poor box really looked like someone was beating a person with it, seriously.

 The bubble-wraped envelope and the goodies inside!!

 Let it rain nail-polish!!! 

 My cup of black tea with milk, and me cutting the bubble-wrap off the first polish. It was ... it was ...

 ... O.P.I. DS glamour!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa!! I nearly fainted! Mine, all mine!!

 And so the most fun little game ever started! Opening bubble wraps, finding out which nail-polish is hiding in the wrap, putting it in line with it's brothers. :D It was *tons* of fun!

 Group picture in the end.

 Then we sorted them by brands (click on the pic to enlarge it). As you can see, there are 9 O.P.I., 3 China Glaze, 4 Nubar, 5 Zoya, 12 (!!) Sparitual, 5 Kinetics, 2 Jessica, 1 Maybelline and 1 Nfu-Oh. I have close-up, but there are already so many pictures, I'm sure you don't need them. :) 

I cannot tell you how awesome is this! 42 nail-polish bottles! The number itself is more than totally awesome, since both me and Tevta are total Douglas Adams fans and you know, there are no coincidences. ;) I got a few hardcore lemmings from my WL, like Wagon trail and, oh, yeah, did I mention it? THREE O.P.I. DSs!!  

Tevta was acutally so kind, she gave me just about the entire package to try out first, although most of it is hers, so I have lots and lots of new toys to play with! But I'm *so* happy that I can empty my WL a bit! So so happy, and thankful to überkind Linda and of course my dear Tevta, that always thinks of my little obsession. :D

And now, ladies (and gentlemen :)), I need your help. I cannot decide, which to try out first, and since I have you, my dear readers, you can choose, which one you want to see first, and thus helping me loads with the decision. I painfully reduced the package to 10 nail-polishes, and now I'm asking for your votes. :) You see the poll on the right side of the blog, and here are the pictures of the ten. I tried really hard to capture their bottle colours, sadly I didn't do very well, but I'm sure you already know most of them at least by looks.

 From L to R (please click on the pic to enlarge it): Zoya Veruschka, Nubar Teal Glitter, Nubar Indigo Illusion, OPI Midnight Blue Glitter, OPI Glacier Bay Blues, OPI DS extravagance, OPI DS tapestery, OPI DS glamour, Sparitual Regal and Sparitual Days Of Wine And Roses. 
On this one you can see a bit of the colour play in Glacier Bay Blues, its an amazing colour, it's like beatle wings, tons of colours in the finish, insane colour. And Midnight Blue Glitter is not "just" silver, it has a bazillion blue glitter, that I just couldn't capture. No picture on this planet can do Indigo Illusion justice though, you'll have to take my word for it, that it's a couple of nail-polishes hidden in one.

From the second angle, if it helps. 

So, as you can see, it's been an insanely good Saturday and I'm glad the project ended up in such a nice result. I'll be glad if you'll help me with the poll and choosing the nail-polish, and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Juj koliko lakov!!! Noro... res kot da bi te obiskal Božiček :)

    Hmmm, jaz bi sigurno najprej sprobala katerega od OPI DS <3

  2. *cujesesamozvukceljustikakoudaraopod*

  3. Uuuuuuuuuuuuu! <3 Sem glasovala za Extravagance, ker vem, da je prekrasen in se ga nemorem nagledati. x) Komaj čakam swatche! :)

  4. OMG, tudi js sem skor omedlela ko sem vidla slike =).

  5. Domnevam, da je bil nakup predvsem cenovno ugoden, glede na tako kolicino sta si vsekakor zasluzili popust. ;) Sicer pa fajn - bo treba kdaj v soping v Rigo. Glasovala sem pa za Days of Wine and Roses, ker ima tako kul ime.

  6. Še ena za dni vina in vrtnic. Ker ima kul ime in izgleda prekrasno. (Imam viola moment na vseh področjih.)

    Iskreno ti privoščim vse, kar si dobila. <3

  7. Aaaaaa, zelena sem od zavisti! *lol* 42 je neverjetno!

  8. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...da se bar meni desi nešto ovakvo :-)
    Prijedlog za swatcheve - na svaki prst drugi lak,jedva ih čekam vidjeti...

  9. 42 je ravno pravo število, ker je hkrati tudi odgovor na najpomembnejše vprašanje o našem obstoju. :o)

    OPI DS Glamour v tem paketu zmaga.

  10. OMG, ne morem si jih nagledat! kakšna številka, koliko lakov in koliko swatchev...
    Že dolgo časa sanjam o Opi DS, glas je šel seveda Extravagance.

  11. Hvala vsem! :) Tole je bil ogromen nakup, zdaj bo moral bit nekaj časa mir. :D

    Sicer pa (upam, da ne pišem tega zastonj in berete še naprej komentarje :D) nisem pozabila na swatche, danes sem videla, da s tem vremenom ne bo a ma ništa in sem šla po sestavine za lighbox, kar se je naravnost svetovno zakompliciralo in tako bo vse skupaj postavljeno jutri. Spada v "saj ni res,pa je" rubriko tole danes ... *sigh*

    Imam pa trenutno zaradi pomanjkanja časa in na koncu že volje, kar 8 slojev laka na nohtih. o.O Lenoba je grda reč, in Seche Vite pač vse reši. Ah. :D

    Hvala za komentarje!