Tuesday, 16 November 2010

China Glaze - Kaleidoscope Him Out

Hey guys! How are you? I'm glad you're loving my new polish, I appreciate every comment I get about them. :)) And yes, I already have a new one on my nails - I'm insane, I know, but what am I supposed to do while on my 20 minutes study break? ;)  But before I show you one of the most gorgeous O.P.I.s out there, I want to show you this old China Glaze manicure, becuase I have it on the list for ages now. 

It's from an old CG Collection Kaleidoscope, I think this is 2008 collection, and is already discontinued. I only have Kaleidoscope Him Out to show you, and the pictures aren't my best, I'm afraid. 

 I think this is with flash, it would explain how the pale blue base colour turned to white.

These are three coats, it dried superfast and was really easy to work with. I read about this collection being different from OMG collection in finish, but to tell you the truth, it looks the same to me. The particles are bigger though. I expected some difficulties with removing the polish because of that, I thought it will be the same as it is with glitter, but it went very smooth and easy. 

I'm not crazy about this one. Nor about any other from this collection, judging from the swatches. I think OMG collection is tons better. And Kaleidoscope Him Out is this pale blue base colour that just didn't work for me. And i'm a holographic freak! I couldn't wait to get it off. Go figure eh?

Do you like the colour? Kaleidoscope collection or OMG collection or both? :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like this one! I don't have any of the Kaleidoscopes..:( But after trying some polishes from the OMG collection I was hooked! They're so great <3

  2. Uh, lep je :)
    Jaz imam OMG in mi je vešč, samo obstojnost je bolj tako-tako. Ti imaš kak poseben podlak za holote?

  3. AmyGrace, I agree. I loooove holographic! And I think OMG collection is tons better, they better don't discontinue that one!

    Katkoc, obstojnost je bolj siromašna, ja, sploh, ker se naj ne bi uporabljal TC na holote ... ne uporabljam sicer nobenega podlaka nasploh, ker se mi, čisto iskreno, ne da. :) Bojda ga rabiš za Nfu-Oh, kar me je do zdaj odvračalo od nakupa, ampak ko gledam te lepotce ... uf, morda popustim. :D

    Thanks for the comments/Hvala za komentarja!