Monday, 1 November 2010

NOTD: China Glaze - VII

Hey everyone! Hope you had a nice day, mine was lazy and slow thanks to my headache. I really need to get to my classes tomorrow, I have no idea how will I do that if I'll feel as bad as I did this morning. o.O Headache is almost gone, luckily and since I ruined my manicure yesterday in the kitchen I had to change the polish. Obviously I could wear VIII again, since I'm totally in love with it, but I grabbed this beauty by accident, and I couldn't resist. I think this is one of the most gorgeous shades I've ever wore, and it's so perfect for Fall, I can't imagine removing it off my nails. It's simply gorgeous. All the pictures were taken in a very cloudy weather, grey, really, except the last one.

With flash.

Isn't it simply stunning? Maybe some of you are yawning, like, big deal, purplish creme. But I absolutely love it. And what  I love about cremes is, as much as I dig shimmer and sparkles and so on, they are PITA to remove. Creme almost gets off your nails when you ask it nicely. VIII was a bliss to remove, it took me 5 minutes. The VII is extremely easy to deal with, I just needed a bigger drop of polish on the brush and it went like butter, no trouble whatsoever. I can't estimate the drying time, since I used Seche Vite, so it would laaaaast! I dare say it's one of the favourites from China Glaze for me. It's definitively on my WL, if not Top 20. I can't imagine returning this to Tevta without tears. ;) :D *a bit of drama never hurt anyone!* 

And as you can see, my middle finger gives me grey hair. Rather, the cuticle. I'm soaking my nails in oils and cremes in this time of year, and still they're not satisfied. I'm thinking about a good cuticle remover, it might help. Until then, my apologies on behalf of my middle finger. :)

On China Glaze Month - yeah, October is ended, but I still have like 20 or so CGs to go through, so you'll see quite a few of them here in November too. But I want to try some more Orly, especially Meet me under the mistletoe looks awesome from the other blogs. And I still have tons of new nail-polish that i've just shown you as haul pictures! Btw, I'm sure you heard about Rescue Beauty Lounge  50% off offer for today. I'd totally like to have a couple of bottles, but I just had to resist, argh! Wouldn't it be just magic if BB Couture or Illamasqua did this kind of offer? I'd go bankrupt with just a few clicks on the computer but at least my nails would look awesome!

What do you think? What is your favourite Autumn nail-polish/colour? And are you getting any of RBL beauties in this amazing offer?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Točno nekaj takega si želim, temno vijolično, ki je še vedno vijolična tudi ob slabši svetlobi!
    Pa gre še en lak na že tako bolano dolgo wish listo...

  2. I really does look nice. I usually stay away from this kind of a colors but maybe I should reconsider my stand. :))
    Hope your headache is no longer bothering you.

  3. Tale je pa res krasen vampy lak <3

  4. Hehe, Biba, en gor al pa dol. ;) :D Tale je res vreden vsakega centa.

    Nail crazy, slažem se, super je!

    Gejba, I think it would look great on your nails. :) And headache luckily went away the next morning. :)

    Lyra, med mojmi najljubšimi, ne vem kako ga bom odstranila. :D

    Hvala za komentarje!

  5. Ne morem se ga nagledati, popolna barva! In jaz mislim, da me noben lak ne more več spraviti na kolena... kakšna utopija! :)
    Kot vedno, čudoviti nohti in nanos.