Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Parokeets give away Essence Metallics TE

Hey everyone! How are you? I'm still loving VII on my nails, and, frankly, it's such a bad weather here in Ljubljana, one can't make a good swatch to save one's life. 

But this just in: Parokeets have some extra Metallics nail-polish and they're making a giveaway! Very generous of them, especially since YOU CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE!! It's SO annyoing, we have 3 Müllers over here and it's sold out completely. I hope DMs will get the edition. But I can't resist, I must try my luck with Parokeets, in hope that I'll get at least one of them. :)

I tired to post the picture of the giveaway, but couldn't, I guess Parokeets ladies don't allow that, my bad! Anyway, here's their blog's entry about the giveaway, check it out , if you haven't already! :)

EDIT: Gejba kindly helped with the picture, so here it is! :D Thank you!

Great giveaway, Parokeets, you spoil us! :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. Thx for blogging about our giveaway. Hope you'll get lucky. ;)

    You couldn't add photo? How did that happen? :))
    Here is the direct link to the pic - hope this one does the trick. :))

  2. Ej, mi tule nimamo niti Essence niti Alessandra, tako da sem že obupala nad magnetki. :D

  3. Jaz še izvem ne za LE pa že vidim prazna stojala v Mullerju :S

  4. Gejba, me too! :D And I have no idea, I guess I had one of my computer-is-your-enemy moments, i couldn't figure it out. Thanks for the help, I'll post the picture right away. :)

    Uh, Kaneli, če imaš kakšnega napikiranega, in jih po kakšnem čudežu kje najdem, povej katerega. :D

    Katkoc, baje počasi kapljajo v DMe. Na juriš! :D

    Hvala za komentarje!

  5. Lakci so luštni, vendar nobenega ne bi nujno morala imeti - Alessandrove barve so mi sicer bolj všeč, tisto je pa predrago. Pa še Essence magnet je menda slab... Hvala vseeno - pa drugič. ;)

  6. P.S.: Če pa bom kaj dobila na giweawayu, bom seveda izjemno vesela. ;)