Thursday, 11 November 2010

The winner of the poll: O.P.I. DS extravagance

Hello everyone! How have you been? It's been busy busy busy over here. I must study for an exam that I have (I study by night, so this break for blog is totally legitimate ;)), and try to combine the studying with my classes, that really take a lot of energy. And time! So yesterday, when arriving home just as the sky was going from grey to black with constant rain I figured out it's either time for a long break with blogging or a lightbox. Since I love blogging I decided for a lightbox as I already searched for DIY instructions. After *enormous* complications in a few stores that I really don't want to repeat, as it took a lot of my time standing in line for reclamations, and nerves trying to solve it out, I finished it today. Since I did it to produce good pictures, that actually show the colour, finish and details of nail-polish, I'm asking you to tell me your opinion on the pictures. I'll take anything, as long as it's constructive: of course you can't tell me that the pictures suck, just please tell me then why. :)

And now that you know why I'm late with this swatches, to our poll results! First major 'thank you' for voting! The results were really surprising for me, I expected you to grab the DS's and Nubar, so it was totally fun for me! Order: O.P.I. DS extravagance is first with 6 votes,  then Sparitual Days of Wine and Roses (4), Zoya Veruschka, OPI Glacier Bay Blues and OPI DS tapestery all got 2 votes, Nubar Indigo Illusion, OPI Midnight Blue Glitter and OPI DS glamour all got one vote and Nubar Teal Glitter and Sparitual Regal got zero votes. So this is my order, thanks for helping me, otherwise I think I'd still stand infront of the box and try to decide which one to wear. But now I have such a beauty on my nails, I can't even tell you. DS extravagance. No words, just pictures!

 I'm posting this one because it shows nicely the amount of sparkle and holo specks in the polish.

This colour is just so beautiful, I can't even express it with words. As you can see, there are holografic particles in the polish, but the holo effect is not nearly as obvious as in some other DSs or holo polish. It's very subtle, but I freakisly adore it, because it keeps the gorgeus dark/plum purple very visible and full of little sparkles, again subtle but visible - I find myself staring at my nails, moving the fingers slightly to see the holo effect. It's stupid of me to try and explain, you can see it on the pictures, just how insanely perfect this nail-polish is. I have absolutely nothing more to say, the application was a bliss, one can almost do it with closed eyes, drying time more than decent, two coats are enough. 

Pure perfection on the nails, I'm telling you. 

So, what do you think? :) And please tell me how do you like the pictures now! I'm thinking about adding a few more lamps, but I'll decide after the feedback. Maybe just one more, or two. We'll see.

Thank you for reading!


  1. O ja, ta je pravi lepotec <3

  2. Savršeno.. apsolutno savršeno!!!

  3. Ja tale pa je res lepotec nad lepotci <3 trenutno je na mojih spodnjih nohtkih ;)

  4. Ah lepotec! <3 Nimam besed!

    Slikce so pa tudi super, detajli se zelo lepo vidijo. Tudi sama se spravljam k izdelavi light boxa, pa kar odlašam. :D Bi bilo pa super videti kako si jo ti naredila. x)

  5. Wow, this one is a beauty! Love it!
    Just stumbled upon your blog, I immediately followed you when I read your blog name, it's awesome, haha! When someone says 'nail polish', I freak out too! I start rambling about new collections and stuff, and then they're like, 'wtf are you talking about?' :)

  6. hoce me sad svi popljuvat ako recem da se meni boja ne svidja :D

  7. Goga & Lalica & Lyra: hvala za komplimente! :)

    Ivana, hvala za mnenje o fotkah, malce (pre)več sem napisala o lightboxu v naslednjem postu, tako da upam, da ti bo v pomoč. :)

    Lois, welcome to my blog! :) And yay, you're in my club! :D I do the same thing when someone mentions nail polish, sometimes I really have to bite my tongue, because I see that the other person is totally confused. :D Thanks for the comment!

    Lendoxia, ma nikako! Ja uvijek kažem hvala Bogu što imamo razlićite okuse, tako nail polish dizajnerji ne poćnejo spavati i uvjek traže nove boje i kombinacije i tako uvijek dobijemo nešto novo! :)

    Hvala za komentarje!