Sunday, 14 November 2010

NOTD SpaRitual - Days Of Wine And Roses

Hey everyone! I planned on posting this last night, but ran out of time, so it's my NOTD from last night. :) It's the second in the row of our poll, the beautiful SpaRitual with the beautiful name. Let's see the pictures first and talk later on.

Just two, similar position, a bit stronger light on the second picture. Otherwise you can see the thing that is my favourite with this polish - it has this "lit from within" effect - it's a bit darker on the edges and brighter in the middle of the nails and so it gets this soft glow or something, I absolutely love it. And I love love love the colour. It drove me *nuts* because it reminded me so much of a colour, but I just couldn't point my finger on a shade. So I opened my files, trying to figre out if I acutally wore a similar colour or it's just one of my polish on WL. And it is. From Scrangie's swatches it looks very much like China Glaze Stella! Do you have it, can you confrim that? I don't have it, like I said, it's one of my WL bottles, but looking at Scrangie's swatch of Stella, they are pretty close.

Now, apart from gorgeous colour and name, I must say that the brush is a disgrace.O my gosh, I haven't have so many troubles with application now ... for months, at least. It is impossible to do an even layer, by pigmentation this definitively is a two coater, but I needed to soak my nails in third coat to get at least semi-even look. That's why I won't judge drying speed, because I had a thick third coat on, and it wasn't dry not even after several minutes, so I put SV on. And that's why I posted only two pictures od Days Of Wine And Roses, I dare not even show you my thumbs.
The handle is otherwise great. Very Orly-like with rubber, but slimer, which really suits me perfectly. That's why the brush was an extra bad surprise.

I really hope this is just a weird exception on Sparitual, or just me not being used on they brush (it's a first SpaRitual for me). You know how it is sometimes, the brush and the polish don't get along for some odd reason. I have a couple more Sparituals to try, maybe I'll get corrected, I really hope I do, acutally.

So, Days Of Wine And Roses really is a wonderful colour, but if you want to buy it, be prepared for some extra work with application.

Oh, and before I forget, quick shots of my lightbox, as requested.  :)

As you can see, it's improvisation all the way. :) I'll put at least one more light next to this one, and perhaps another one on the side of the box. Never enough light, neveeer! :)

What do you think about Days Of Wine And Roses? And SpaRitual in general, did you have same problems with the brush? Oh, and Stella, am I close or not? :)

Thanks for reading, have a nice Sunday!


  1. Kje ga pa imaš?
    Izgleda kar velik :)

  2. Thank you, Sabbatha! :) An, you can read more about it, if you're interested in my previous posts, how I made it and stuff. :)

    Katkoc, imam ga kar na tleh, ker se mi ga ne ljubi stalno prestavljati. Velik je pa kar ja, ena stranica je velika toliko kot šeleshamer, tako da kar pride ena konkretna škatla. :)

    Thanks for the comments/hvala za komentarje!

  3. Super lightbox imaš!

    Pa tale lak mi je noro všeč :)

  4. Uf res imaš super LB. Thumbs Up!

  5. Biba & Ivana, hvala! Je sila uporabna reč, se strinjam, sem zadovoljna z investicijo. :D

    Biba, res je noro lep, ampak veš da sem ga odstranila po samo dveh dneh. Pomoje posledica količine neuporabljenih lakov doma, ker je res prelep ...