Thursday, 25 November 2010

China Glaze - Blk-bila-bong with comparison Jordana - Supernatural & O.P.I. - Unripened

Uh, long title. Hey darlings! How are you doing? Here in Ljubljana is cooooold! We're expecting snow tomorrow. While I love watching the snow from the inside and having snowball fights, I don't like the cold biting my butt and icy ground, not good for heels. ;) And OMG, thank you for following my blog, have I ever mentioned how grateful I am every time I see GFC numbers? It's a total surpise, guys, thanks again, you're spoiling me! And don't worry, I'll spoil you too. ;) 
But now I want to show you my NOTD and the comparison and tell the story behind it. Yesterday I saw how big the tip wear on DS glamour got and decided I'll change the mani. I know, what a heresy! I did another poll nail polish, Indigo Illusion and ... more about that with my next post, I removed it and didn't feel any nail polish. OMG! So I went to the shoeboxes and just randomly took bottles out and finally Blk-bila-bong spoke to me. But apperantly the universe was so mad at me for removing DS glamour, Blk-Bila-Bong chipped after mere hours! DS glamour doesn't get removed, it removes itself. Or something. ;) I was so mad, because I dislike tip-wear, but really hate chipped nail polish, I decided to do the comparison that I've planned when applying BBB. So here it is, a bit pic heavy post due to NOTD pictures and VS. pictures, but I hope you won't mind. 

 On direct sunlight.

Blurry, so the sparkles come out.

Inside shot. 

Blk-Bila-Bong is an oldie, from 2007 Surf Summer China Glaze Collection and is not Big 3 Free, which is noticable in the smell of the polish and the application. I didn't like the application much, the polish is too runny and it's a PITA to make it even. This would be a two coater by pigmentation, but you just can't do it evenly, so I  had to apply the third coat. 

I like how Blk-bila-bong still keeps the blue glitter visible even in bad lighting (like right now when I'm typing away this entry), and it looks totally cool on the sunlight. It's really a cool shade, I love it. What I don't like is that it chipped so freakshly soon and the tip wear is horrible. I'll probably remove it today if I'll have the time, or tomorrow, otherwise I'll go insane. 

But when I applied it, it reminded me so much of Jordana's Supernatural and of O.P.I.'s Unripened, I knew I'll have to do a comparison. After the chipped index finger, I did it only hours after the application, so there you have it, after the click. :) 

Sorry for the lack of info on Jordana, I just couldn't find anything. I love their glitters, and they are big 3 free, so that's a major plus for them. I must show you the rest of my Jordanas, I think I already showed you Wicked, and how cool is that one? The glitters are three coaters, but are totally worth it! They have minimal tip wear, I could wear it over a week, if I had the patience, but you have to foil them when removing, if you don't want glitter everywhere. So yeah, great polish, if you ask me.
O.P.I. Unripened is, as you all know, a part of their Go Goth! mini collection for this years Halloween. OPI is a Big 3 Free and the Go Goth! collection is just to die for.

 Ulmiel, less talk, more pictures!

 Oh Lord of the Rings, I can't believe I'm showing you this one. The cuticle on index fingure is a disgrace, please forgive me, but the details of all 3 polishes are too perfect on this one, I can't pass on it. Here you can acutally see the tiny duochrome effect of Unripened. 

 Sparkle comparison.

 Sunlight, again the tiny duochrome effect. Tiny!

 Blurry one to see the difference in sparkling.

These are half lightbox, half sunlight. I didn't do much sunlight pictures, because they don't differ from lightbox  pictures much.
As you can see, Supernatural is bigger glitter, but not as dense as Blk-Bila-Bong, and yet it seems more obvious. B-B-B lookes so dense it almost feels like it's a colour not the glitter, you know what I mean? Supernatural is also the bluest of them all, very bright blue, turquoise, BBB navy, "plain" blue and Unripened already teal, has much more green in it than the other two. 
When it comes to base colour, Unripened is very black, more black than the other two, that's also probably the reason why the glitter is not nearly as dense as with the others. What's a let-down with Unripened is that it's supposed to be a duochrome, but it's not on the nails. I saw it just once today, on the nail. Once! I forgot completely that it's supposed to be duochrome, man! I wanted to take a better shot of it, but couldn't. Maybe it goes duochrome only with my boyfriend around? Anyway, it's a totally cool polish, but knowing that it's supposed to be duochrome, you feel like you're missing on something. Talking about high expectations. 

Otherwise I need 3 coats with Jordana and China Glaze, O.P.I. is a two coater. Removing of them all will probably be a PITA, Jordana will definitively need foil removal. But I don't really bother much with removing of the polish. If I like it, I'll take that into account. 

In my humble opinion Jordana is just amazing. I have to wear it as a manicure fast, I absolutely adore it. But all three of them are just great, I love Blk-Bila-Bong, also Unripened. And they're not dupes of eachother, so if you dig this kind of polish, you'll probably crave all three of them. :) I think Unripened and BBB get closer to each other than any with Supernatural (btw, any Supernatural fans out there? gotta love that show!)

I think that's just about it. If you have any questions, ask away, I have this feeling, I'm forgetting something with this comparison ... hum ... oh well. Let me know!

Which one do you like best? :) 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Jessica - Casablanca je se en ustrezen lak tvojim na primerjavi. Imam ga v Sloveniji in ko sem ga primerjala z Unripened v steklenickah, sta bila videti precej podobna.

    Mimogrede, pri nas se napoveduje rekordni mraz za konec novembra - tja do -20, kar je za juzno Finsko res redkost. Januarja bi to se slo, zdaj je pa res prezgodaj...

  2. Jordana preprepresavrseno izgleda :)

  3. Kaneli, sem potem prebrala ob brskanju, da je soliden dupe Unripened, ja. Jaz Jessice nimam, še čakam da me impresionira. :D
    Samo, madoniš, upam, da imaš ultra topla oblačila gor. o.O Pri nas pa danes tako sneži, da nas bo že čisto zamedlo.

    Lendoxia, slažem se, Supernatural je i meni najdraža od svih ovdje. Stvarno super izgleda na noktu.

    Hvala za komentarje!

  4. I just bought this and "Wicked" from the same collection - it's the same black base with brownish/orange shimmer throughout. Supernatural is REALLY pretty with Pure Ice-Oh Baby! over it. It accentuates the shimmer effect and it looks GORGEOUS! I can send you a swatch, if you're interested in what it looks like. Shoot me an email at kelliealtieri @ gmail DOT com, if you want. :) I bet it would be fun to experiment with some of the NFU-Oh flakie polishes. But, sadly .. I don't have any. Thanks for the swatches! :) Take care!

  5. Hey, kellie, welcome to my blog! :) And yeah, Wicked is my favourite from this collection, I posted it somewhere on the blog too. :) I'll send you an email, I hope I won't forget. :D And Nfu-Oh remains a mystery to me too, I don't have any either. ;) Thank you for stopping by!