Sunday, 7 November 2010

Taking care of nail-polish

Hey everyone! Thanks for awesome feedback on 42, it made my day! :)) Today we actually had a little bit of sun, at one moment it was raining while the sun was out, it was really nice, but otherwise a lazy day (although it shouldn't be), so I decided to take care of the bottles a bit and now I'm in a chatty mood, and encouraged from the *awesome* feedback on my first chatting post few days ago, I'm asking you today: how do you take care for your nail-polish? :)

I admit, I have a slight OCD about it, every now and then I take all the bottles out, shake them, roll them, clean the necks and so on. What I find interesting is, that a lot of people are saying how important it is to clean the necks of the bottles, and yet, I know only a few persons that actually clean the necks. I'm not saying I do it regularly, but like every month or so I take out all the bottles I used in past weeks and clean them all. I know a lot of people probably remember that after they did their manicure - I know I do - and I've found the perfect solution for that: rubber gloves. It's the only way that actually allows me to clean the necks regularly, because I don't think about doing that when I remove the nail-polish off my nails, and basically, the only time that I wouldn't ruin my manicure with cleaning the bottles is in that minute, that I'm preparing for another colour. 

So, I'm telling you, rubber gloves, a pile of cotton pads, an n-p remover bottle and 10 minutes of your time for around 11 bottles (that I cleaned today). What I noticed with cleaning the necks - it gets faster after a while, you get used to it and, this is important, you have to learn to clean it so that the remover doesn't get into the nail-polish. It's the easiest way to soak a pad in remover, put it on the neck and rub it really hard, but that's how you get the remover into the polish, and that's really not a good thing, so I'm avoiding this now by "hugging" the bottle with the pad and moving it around it, not on top of it. I know, I made a science out of it, but knowing, that I'm not cleaning just my polish, and even with mine, I want it to last, I don't want to ruin a bottle with trying to do something good. :) 

Just for fun, I took a few shots today, because I'm so used to have my camera with me when I'm doing something nail related.
This is Guissed up green, and you can tell it's been used a lot! :D I did a very fast shot while cleaning, because I don't want to leave bottles opened for too long. I like after the cleaning, how better the handle closes up the bottle and it's much easier to open it then.

So, the other, usual stuff is shaking the bottle every once in a while (although, I'll admit it, I don't do it so often as I should and then sometimes I grab a bottle that has visible pigment and start to shake it like crazy), keeping them in shade or boxes, on a steady temperature - in my room and the office/guest room I have a pretty steady temperature throughout the year and no direct sunlight on the bottles, but I don't know what I'll do when I'll run out of space, which will happen ... very soon. o.o

Anyway, yeah, I think that's just about it. Luckily nail-polish doesn't take much to be just fine. :) So tell me, how do you take care of nail-polish? Do you bother with the necks or is that not important to you?

Thanks for reading!


  1. If I did that with my few hundred bottles cleanup would be neverending story. :))
    But I'm all for keeping the necks clean - I just try to do that before I close the polish after the manicure ... especially the matte ones.

  2. Uf nemam bas naviku ciscenja tih grla na bocicama, ali probat cu se cesce sjetit nakon ovog posta :)

  3. "So tell me, how do you take care of nail-polish?"

    I don't. :P Pa bi verjetno počasi morala začet, glede na rastočo zbirko...

  4. Tudi jaz poskušam redno čistit stekleničke. Ponavadi ko odstranim nek lak z nohtov, vzamem še stekleničko in tako opravim oboje hkrati.

  5. Hehe, yeah, Gejba, I couldn't do it all at once either. :D

    Lendoxia, hehe, pa ne znam, ako stvarno pomaže, ali šteti sigurno ne. :D

    Kaneli, yeps, tako se začne ...

    Biba, pridna, jaz takrat niti pomislim ne na to. :) navadno jo že zaprem, dam gor Seche Vite, se spravim swatchat, in ko že hočem pospravit lak, mi kapne ...

    Hvala za komentarje!

  6. so how long do your nail polish last? You mentioned that you are taking your bottles out and clean the necks every month or so. I am actually pleasantly surprised by this. I didn't even know the they could last that long. Most of the time my polish goes to waste since I could only use it for like a few times and its already dry and useless. I couldn't even use half of the content. I also avoid buying too many bottles at once cause I don't want them to dry all at the same time as well. I don't know how nail polish are supposed to last but certainly, mine do not last for at least a month.

  7. o.O Ok, this took me by a great surprise! Do you live in a very hot area or something? Because nail polish should and can last for years. Literally, years! My oldest bottle is around 8 years old, half full and still completely usable. And I know people have them even for a longer period of time. But definively not only for a few months.

    Maybe this will help: keep them always in standard temperatures, preferable not too hot, and off direct sunlight. The best place for polish is in a dark place, in standard temperature range throughout the year. Second, make sure you close them really really well. The most frequent factor for dry polish is that we forget to close it well, so make sure it's closed tightly when you finish with your manicure. Third, when polish does thicken/dry up, you can always use thinner to make it liquid and manegable again, so this can be your last resort, a few drops of thinner of your choice can really save an entire bottle of polish.

    I hope this helps at least a bit. These are the only factors I really pay attention to when keeping my polish safe and sound and it has worked for years.

  8. thank you so much for the tips. may i ask question? how are you going to determine if the nail polish will not harm your nails? thank you so much..

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