Friday, 26 November 2010

Nubar - Indigo Illusion

Hey dears! How are you? Oh man, it's snowing in Ljubljana like there's no tomorrow! It's been snowing really dense and without stopping for like 4 hours or so and it doesn't seem to cease. It looks bea-utiful, but it's not really pleasant to be outside, I nearly froze outside. But on to the nail polish! I have another poll polish for you, THE Nubar, Indigo Illusion. First pictures, then talk. This post will be a bit of a picture-overload, because Indigo Illusion changes under different angles.

 The upper two pictures show this polish as it looks most of the time.

 Oh, is that a bit of green I see??

 It is, it is!!

 This is the best part of Indigo Illusion. But here's the thing - I only saw the green colour coming out in lighbox, at a certain angle.

 Same position of nails, different angle of lighting, you can see it changes dramatically.

 If this is how the polish would look most of the time, I'd be one happy hobbit. Alas, no.

 Direct sunlight.

Natural light, in shade.

Loads of pictures, and yes, this is all one nail-polish. Pretty cool, eh? Here's the thing. I worshiped Indigo Illusion on swatches, I have it on my top *number* WL since the moment I saw it. So when I put it on the nails, I was really excited. It was my lemming for months! And then ... I think this thing happened, when you want something so badly, you kinda feel like something's missing when you finally get it. I don't like Indigo Illusion on my nails. Most of the time it has this bluish base colour with pink shimmer. Pink! I almost said yuck when looking at my nails. It doesn't fit my skin-tone one bit and although it does have it's moments in some lighting and angles, the best, brilliant green tone doesn't get through on normal lighting, I saw it only in lightbox. I acutally had it on two times. The first was because Tevta asked me if I could give her the nail-polish and do the swatches sooner, I did it by night, so I took lightbox shots. I told her how disappointed I am and she said I have to see it on sunlight, to be sure I don't like it. So on one sunny day I put it on again. And saw the green shade doesn't come out on sunlight. On sunlight, as you can see, it looks bluish-silverish with almost frosty finish. :( I don't know. If I can be melodramatic, this nail polish almost broke my heart. Not only it didn't meet my expectations, I don't like it at all. I mean, I think the play of colours is amazing. Just wrong colours, I guess. Maybe I'll have more luck with Stardust.

Otherwise a very well behaved nail polish, brush is a bliss, application not a problem. This is two coats on both manicures, I think, maybe I did three on one, just to be sure it was even, but I'm not sure I did. 

What do you think about Indigo Illusion? 

Thanks for reading!

PS: I know I'm behind my commeting the comments, I'll get on to that right away, lack of time, guys, sorry! 


  1. I personally don't own it, but it's beautiful :)

    I love the green/purple duochrome effect. Is that pink hue Barbie pink or more purple?
    Because if it's Barbie pink, I'd be disappointed, but if it's purple... :D

    I ADORE purple :D

  2. Meni se svidja shimmer, ali mi se ne svidja bazna boja :/

  3. what a pretty color, beautiful! It has so many different sides, haha! Great pictures!

  4. I just buoght it, me too I was waiting for it like a child :D
    But I think it has purple flash, not pink... Oh well, I'll surely love it :D

  5. Tudi meni v resnici ni preveč všeč, čeprav na slikah izgleda krasen.

  6. Sviđa mi se sve osim ovog zelenog dijela, da je ta zelena neke drugačije nijanse bilo bi puno bolje, ali svejedno izgleda divno.

  7. Abigail & Smaltoitaliano - on my nails it seemed like a pink flash. Not purple (i adore purple too) but pink. Perhaps on a darker side of the pink, but still ... And the combination with the base colour doesn't suit me one bit.

    Lendoxia, i meni ne baš. U kombinaciji sa shimmerom izgleda na mojih rukah sasvim čudno.

    Lois, yeah, it's a couple of nail-polishes in one bottle. :D

    Nina, podpis. Na Scrangiejinih slikah sem umirala za njim. Je pa res, da na njenih skoraj vse zgleda dobro. o.o

    Hehe, Lalica, meni je samo zeleni dijel dobar, sve ostalo ne baš. :D

    Hvala za komentarje!/Thanks for the comments!

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  9. Meni je čudovit, škoda da te je razočaral.

    Se je meni enkrat zgodilo nekaj podobnega, in res ni je hujše stvari ko te lakec razočara =(
    (sem si za nagrado kupila OPI-ja v SLO, in ker so res dragi, sem od njega pričakovala popolnost, ampak se je olupil po prvem dnevu, pa še čopič mi ni bil preveč všeč)