Wednesday, 24 November 2010

O.P.I. DS glamour

Hello darlings! How are you on this sunny yet cold day? It's beautiful outside! I haven't slept in a week, but I don't care, that beautiful! You've been very hardworking, I see, I still haven't checked all the entries on my blogroll since the weekend, and yesterday, as it seems, 50 new ones piled on. :D Don't get me wrong, I love reading and looking at your swatches, so bring it on! Yesterday I passed the last exam from previous year, a real PITA because of boring contents, I'm so happy I passed (not with the bad note either!) and now have a clear year to focus on. And we went to the cinema, new Harry Potter is out and I'm a fantasy fan, like you already know and I was really excited about it. I'm not really impressed by the movies about Harry, but I heard this one is pretty good, and I'm glad to say it's true, I acutally liked it. Some parts I'd do a bit differently, but hey, we probably all would. All in all it seems like it's going to be a hell of an ending,and I'm glad, because I love the Harry Potter books. :)

Anyway, I went with DS glamour and drooled half of the time looking at my nails, it's so freaking gorgeous! I was a bit surprised to see a little more tip wear than usually today (on the second day), but I think that's due to my hastiness yesterday. I took a few shots today on the sun, because, as you know, DSs look awesome anytime, but on the sun they're just breath-taking. So here it is, DS glamour with Wanda and on the sunlight.

Isn't it just amazing? On the sun the holo effect is so intense it acutally kills the base colour, it's not that obvious as it is when the effect is softer, like with Wanda. It's trully one of the best out there. It's my first blue polish I tried, before I was strict anti-blue nail polish person, since I'm not too fond of blue colour (except in the nature), I don't wear it at all. But glamour was a pure perfection, I had to have it. Really awesome. 

My planned blog entries are piling up, so stay tuned, lots of stuff to show you! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is gorgeous on you. Glamour is one of my favorite holos

  2. Glamour is SO droolworthy, my favourite polish atm <3 Great pics!

  3. Čestitam za izpit!

    Lak pa je itak gorgeous! <3

  4. Želim se poročiti s tem odtenkom.

  5. This is such an awesome polish! Love it!

  6. Meni ovo više izgleda ljubičasto neglo plavo.. ali u svakom slučaju prekrasno :)

    I čestitke za položen ispit :)

  7. Od vse do sedaj videne DS serije mi je tale še najbolj všeč. :P Btw - moj Nubar je dejansko Midnight Glory. :D

  8. Hud lak, čestitam za izpit in Haaary :)
    Meni je bil film zelo všeč, za spremembo! Vsa tista narava :)

  9. Čestitke za izpit! =)

    Lak je pa čdovit, tvoji nohti so pa še lepši =)

  10. Scandalous, thank you! And yes, I agree, it's one of the finest in polish world.

    AmyGrace, my pictures are no match for your pictures of DS glamour. When I saw yours, they literally took my breath away, those are pure perfection!

    Biba & Ivana & colorfulbottle: hvala! :)

    Sylvia, I agree, it's just perfect!

    Lalica, baš interesantno, nema ni kanca ljubičaste u base boji. Ali je holo efekt tako intenzivan da možda ubije malo plave i premiješa sve boje na noktu. :)

    Smaltoitaliano - yes, I think you do. I had to, and I don't regret it one bit. :D

    Kaneli, daj swatch gor, ne poznam ga! :D

    Katkoc, hvala in ja, se strinjam! Dober film je bil.

    Hvala vsem za komentarje! Thank you all for comments!

    Nina: LOL! :D :D

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