Thursday, 11 November 2010

DS extravagance in sunlight and my lightbox

Hei everyone! How are you? We had a sunny day today, yaaay! Right now I'm freezing my toes off, waiting for polish on them to dry as I'm hurrying to my dancing classes and at least I  can type away this entry. I quickly took a few shots on DS extravagance on direct sunlight, because I wanted to see the direct difference between sunlight and lightbox shot. Now, I was a bit sceptical at first about lightbox, call me naive (and photo-unedicated, since that I really am), but I thought the best way to show the actual colour and details of the polish is "IRL" lighting, sunlight. Guess I was wrong. Although I still think my sunlight swatches are accurate, otherwise I wouldn't post them - and the proof of that are many bloggers, taking pictures on daylight, but it did surprise me, that lighbox nails it 100%, stupid of me to write it like that - camera nails it 100% in lightbox, while on the sun it tends to give a bit more red into the purple. I'm talking about extravagance, since that's the polish I compared the shots with. So I'm glad I have the box now. :) 

Quick comparison:
 The left one is by far more accurate. It really surprised me, I must emphasize that most of the time, looking at my nails and daylight pictures of them, the difference was not noticable or at least minor. But I think that those that have DS extravagance can confirm my statement, that the left one is more accurate. But you can really see the sparkles on the right one. :) 


As you can see, I ran out of time and I'm finishing the entry after my dancing classes, because  I wanted to tell a bit about the lightbox, since Ivana asked me in my previous entry about it. :) When you start searching for instructions you can see that here are *tons* of way to do a lightbox, it can be made of simple cardboard box or more "hardcore" with iron sides or of wood and I don't know what else. I picked these instructions, because they looked simple enough and the instructor used cheap materials, that still looked solid enough. Basically I followed the instructions completely. I bought foam board at Prometej in Ljubljana (around 3,50€ per peace, I have those in size of - forgive me, non slovene speaking readers, I have no idea what's the english expression - šeleshamer), lamps in OBI (9,90€ per piece, there are many types, you can choose by your liking - for your nerves sake, DON'T buy them in Leclerc, if you shop there, they are expensiver and DO NOT work on daylight e.bulbs, I can confirm that -.-) and "daylight" electric bulbs in Leclerc (6,40€ per piece, my advice is not to buy any kind of bulbs in OBI because they are SO expensive, but especially not daylight bulbs that cost around 15€, i was like: o.O). And that's it. 

My observations, if you're gonna do it by these instructions: 
- Don't cut the left and right side after you put the box together, it's so much easier to do it before you start taping it, I have no idea why this unnecessary complication in the instructions.
- The adhesive tape complication is in my opinion unneccesary. I searched for this tape that the instructior is advising, and I got weird looks by everyone. Standard duct tape will do, it's not like you have lights on for days in the lightbox.

- I haven't cut the notches yet, but I'm keeping that option opened, maybe I'll change my mind. Right now I'm swatching without them. 

- If you can, find another pair of hands to help you bulid the box. It so much easier, when someone is holding the sides together! 

-I find the bottom a bit unnecessary, I think white paper does just fine and the box is stable enough without it. 

I hope this helped, Ivana! :) And Taya, you mention it on your blog, so I remembered you when I started writing this entry. This one is the one I chose. :)  

I didn't make any pictures while making the box, nor now, because I think the instructions are very good but if someone would find it helpful, I can take a shot or two. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ah, lepotec...

    Jaz bi rada videla tvoj lightbox :)

  2. Jaz bi ga tudi rada videla. Če bi bil moj (če bi ga potrebovala, pa ga ne), bi bil skoraj 100 % zlepljen s širokim rjavim selotejpom. Jp, tako kul sem.

    Pa še to. Vem, da sem malo čudna, toda ta lak me pusti čisto hladno.
    VEM, JA!

  3. Super, tudi jaz bi še slikce. x) Smo zahtevne. :P