Friday, 5 November 2010

Tevta's stash or where does the shoeboxing begin

Hey everyone! How are you on this sunny, yet windy day? I went for a jogging hour and the wind competed with me all the way, hope that doesn't result in a headache. :) 
As you can see, I finally figured out how to make the extra pages on blog. Yes, I know, I'm an idiot, I couldn't find it when I started the blog. It's much nicer this way, especially my WL looked totally  too much on the right side of the blog page. Hope you like it!

And nooo, I didn't forget about posting Tevta's stash, I just always wanted to show you something else first. :) But now I've put the pictures together, so here it is. A lot of pictures (they are clickable), for a lot of nailpolish!

 This is their home. It's already full, so she needs to find the second drawer or something. 

 Don't ask me about these bottles, I hardly recognize them. It's 2 Orlys, the rest are at my place, L.A. Girl in the top right corner, others are a mystery.

 Aaaah, O.P.I.! I was shoeboxed with them already, but there are so many of them, I couldn't try all of them. Rescue Beauty Lounge on the right, gorgeous shades, I don't know where I found the strenght to return them, and bottom right Nfu-Oh. Upper right corner looks like MAC, but judging by the number of the bottles and if you look at them really closely, you can see that IT IS ILLAMASQUA! *faints*

 Obviously Zoya on the left, I discovered some of my favourites in this bunch, like Midori, Rea and so on. Blue caps are *the* nail-polish, BB Couture!!! Right next to them Color Club, one of my favourite brands, and Essie. And one RBL, hehe. The golden caps could be Milani? Not sure. 

 Hm. Maybe S-he on the upper half? I know she has tons of them. Below mabye Catrice and Essence? And I'm thinking in the little boxes Joy and her frankens. 

 GOSH, P2, Deborah, I think, and tons of others. 

 This is her franken maker drawer, I'd say. Yes, she makes her own polish, she's THAT cool.

And this is the part that I have at home right now. All the China Glaze, 90% of Orlys, MAC and three others

The reason why it's so hard to recognize some bottles (besides the fact that I simply don't know that many brands just by their bottle) is that she has lots of polish that she bought while travelling, and some are local brands. 

It's like nail-polish heaven, isn't it? SO MUCH NAIL-POLISH!!! Aaaaaaa!!  Effing awesome!! This is the collection in one moment. You can't really keep track, it's alive, it's growing. Like right now, the entire Essence Metallics collection is missing, I have it at home for swatching, but forgot to take a picture. The drawer is already full,  I can't even imagine the number, luckily she keeps track, I can't tell you the exact number, but it's close to 600 right now. And you know what? During the weekend, or maybe in the beginning of the next week, this collection is gonna get a lot, and I mean ej lot-t-t bigger. But more about this when we get the package.

Don't you just forget to close your mouth watching this? I do. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. OMG, ko bom velika, hočem bit Tevta :)

  2. OMG! I ja bih rado bila Tevta :-)

  3. Tevta posvoji me ^_^ necu ti isprobavat cipele samo lakove :)

  4. Woooooooooooow!!!!

    Jezik do poda... :)

  5. Ce ne bi poznala Tevte, bi najprej pomislila, da gre za bejbo, ki ima beauty salon. ;) Fajn zbirka - pa super predalnik.

  6. How come she doesn't have a blog? She certainly should think about starting it!

  7. "OMG, ko bom velika, hočem bit Tevta :) "

    Aha! Noro!

  8. Komaj sem preživela tele fotke. Najbolj dramatičen je lak na omarici. Mislim ... ne, vem, da se hočem poročiti s to omarico ...

  9. Hehehe, super ste! :D In vem kako se počutite, ja! Imam samo neverjetno srečo, da lahko tele lake tudi uporabljam. :)

    T, that's actually a good question (welcome to the blog, btw :)) and I hope she'll answer it when she drops by. But I can proudly say, this blog is partly hers with lending and giving me so many nail-polish. :))

    Nina: LOL :D

    Hvala za komentarje & thanks for commeting! :)

  10. I would say this is huge stash ... but then again I know Maestra so I'll just say really nice collection. :D

  11. Hehehe, Gejba, yes, I agree that Maestra is one of those n-p experts, that needs the "I am not responsible for lost teeth in lower jaw" sign right next to her collection. ;) We only saw a part of her collection, if i remember correctly, and it really is jaw-dropping.

    Thanks for the comment! :)