Monday, 29 November 2010

Comparison: Orly Out Of This World vs. Zoya Julieanne

Hey everybody! How are you? Hope you had a nice start of the week. I nearly lost my toes it the cold. It's soooo cold!! I have a few minutes before I have to run to my dancing classes, so I'll show you another comparison with Orly's Cosmic FX polish. I've already showed you Out Of This World and I didn't even know it has an existing dupe out there - everyone was talking about Halley's Comet trio and Space Cadet vs. Mean & Green, it just slipped off my radar. So I was quite surprised to see the bottle of Julieanne in our Lativa box, looking identical to Out Of This World. I gave it a go and here is the result. 

Silly picture, I know, I wanted to hold both bottles and Orly is just too huge. :D But you can really see the base colour on the first two and duochrome effect on the last two fingures (from L to R).

It's very obvious they are 100% dupes. The only difference I noticed is, Zoya is more opaque after second coat but doesn't really mean anything because I still needed the third one, as with Orly. I like both  brushes, both were easy to apply. I think Zoya dries faster than Orly, I'm not really satisfied with Orly's drying time. Most of the time I'm using Seche Vite on top, but with comparisons I don't so I notice that kind of things too. 

All in all it's up to your preference of the brand or brush, if you will. And I think Orly's price has gone insanely high, maybe Julieanne is cheaper. But the same colours, yes. 

Which brand do you like more, Zoya or Orly?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Girl, you are killing me here :D
    Those nail polishes are so beautiful, you are the no.1 reason my wish list keeps growing :)

    I don't own any Zoya nor Orly, my budget allows me only essence and Catrice, but I hope I will get enough money for Christmas to buy some of them :)

    I love your manicures, and your nails are perfect for blog about nail polish :)

  2. Ha-ha, that last picture is hilarious!
    Thanks for this very useful comparison, I had Julieanne on my wishlist, but I already have OoTW, so I can scrap J. :)

    I think I prefer Zoya, still waiting for a polish with my name though :P

  3. Thanks for this comparison!
    I have only one of orly but none of zoya...someday :-) Maybe even this colour :-)

  4. I only have 5 Orly's right now, and no Zoya's yet! I'd love to own some Zoya :) These really are dupes, but I'd go with Zoya since I don't have any!

  5. Gorgeous colour, I wasn't aware of this dupe!

  6. Ako moram birat rekla bi Zoya. Nekako manje vidim tog zelenkastog odsjaja u Zoyi.

  7. Čudovita primerjava =). Res ni dvoma da sta identična =).

  8. Super primerjava! Hvala! Res izgledata identično.
    Katere znamka imam raje? Huh, težko se je opredeliti. Tako bom napisala. Orlyjeva steklenička je večja, kar je plus. Orlyjev ročaj je gumiran, kar je plus. Orly je pri nas cenejši, kar je plus. Zoyina steklenička mi je po obliki morda bolj všeč. Zoya ima boljšo izbiro barv. ... In še bi lahko nadaljevala. Torej bolj kot ne je pri meni neodločeno. :D

  9. Res sta popolnoma enaka, vendar bi zmeraj (?) dala prednost Zoyi, ker so mi bolj pri srcu.

  10. Great post! Thank you for that comparison.

  11. Abignail, hehe, yeah, I'll take that as a compliment. :D I know how it is, i'm working on student budget too, if I didn't have my nail-polish guru to help me find polish with decent prices, I wouldn't be able to afford it. Prices in Slovenia are sky-high for most of the polish, which is a total shame. Thanks for the compliment. :))

    AmyGrace, I know, I hoped you'll find it amuzing and not just stupid. :D Today Scrangie complained about "what's she doing with her nails on the photo" and I though "girl, you haven't seen NOTHING yet". ;) Glad I can save you money for some other colour! And I don't think I'll ever get Zoya polish, but if they put my name on any other colour than green, I'm suing their butts. ;)

    Nail crazy, it's worth it, beautiful colour, really!

    Lendoxia, da, totalno. :)

    Lois, yeah, it's a cool choice, especially since they don't differ much in quality of the brush. Prices can be tricky though.

    Serena, me too, I found it by accident!

    Lalica, zelenkastog odsjaja? Ne vidim ga nikako, hm ...

    colorfulbottle, hvala ti. :)

    Maestra, čisto se lahko poistovetim s tvojo dilemo. :D Ko se že nagnem na eno stran, se spomnim, da ima pa druga spet nekaj, kar mi je fino ... :D Najbolje imeti enako število stekleničk (drugih barv, seveda), da je mir in karma zadovoljna. ;) :D

    Nina, super, vsaj nisi v dilemi. :D

    Alluring_mum, thank you and welcome to my blog!:)

    Hvala vsem za super komentarje!/Thank you all for great comments!