Thursday, 20 January 2011

Problem with following other blogs

Hey guys. Just a quick question. I have a problem with following other blogs. I took a few minutes to check newcomers on my blog and wanted to follow but it makes me as an anonymous follower, no nickname and no picture. I went through my blogger profile and refreshed it and still nothing happened. 

Has anyone else had the same problem? It kinda sucks, because I want to follow publicly and I have no idea what changed from the last time I hit the 'follow' button. :S 

Thanks for the help!


  1. That's strange! I don't have that problem. You know for sure that the dot of follow publicity is coloured and not the dot of anonymous follower? Hmm I really don't know what can be wrong..

  2. hmmm I don't have that problem..
    maybe you can go to help and answer the question there??
    good luck!!

  3. meni se par puta slično bilo desilo... ali mislim da je problem u google usluzi a ne u tome da ti nešto krivo radiš... moji problemi bi nestali sami od sebe :-/

  4. Thanks everyone! I don't know, I'll wait for a couple of days, if it doesn't mend on its own, I'm going to their support service. :/

  5. i have been having the same problem but thought that blogs just didnt like me anymore.. i guess now i have company ^_^ * selfish of me lol-sorry*
    im also having the trouble of being deleted or not being detected by the blogs i have previously been following.. :( *sniff sniff*
    hopefully it would be solved in a couple of days otherwise i wouldnt know what to do :(
    if you find whats wrong .. do share with us :)

  6. brownsmoke, thanks so much! I'm glad too I'm not alone in this one, because then maybe they actually have a standard solution for it. If I find out what's wrong (I'll write them on monday if it doesn't get fixed), I'll write a post about it!