Monday, 17 January 2011

Long time no see: Essie - Mint Candy Apple + Isadora Black Tag crackle

Hello lovelies! How are you doing? :) I'm just about to hit the books (well, my study books, I've been reading an awesome novel for half a day now), it's going to be a loooong night, but as I'm already here, let's show you a quick post of my mani from a few days ago and an idea for another "theme" on the blog. As you can see, I have a couple of them. The most frequent is NOTD, then it's 'my thoughts on', and 'nail polish (care) related' and I'm hoping others will get added as the blog grows. If you got any ideas, hit me! :) 
The "Long time no see" hit me when I went through my shelf of polish, looking for freakish colours to put on. I was in the mood and my nails have now the optimum lenght for just about anything I want to get on them. And I found a couple of bottles that I haven't used ... I don't know, months, years even. 

One of them is Essie's Mint Candy Apple. I think I put this one on just once or twice, right after I got it. And then it went into oblivion, as it seems. It's one of the rare colours  with which I actually pay attention on my nail lenght and what I'm wearing, when I have it on, because it's such an unusal colour for me and I presonally don't like it on my nails when they're longer. On the second day I put Isadora Black Tag on. It's not mine, a friend of mine lend it to me, to try it out, so I didn't play with it much, as I'm planing to do that with ChGs. :) Besides, with 6 ml of Isadora it seems like a crime to use someone else's polish thorugh 20 manicures, especially if that one isn't a nail polish junkie and owns about 5 polish bottles. ;) Thank you, Ärväthyyll! :* 

 Coats of crackle polish go from L to R: very thin coat, a bit thicker coat, an awesomly thick coat, and on my pinky first one very thin coat in the middle (not entire nail) and then veeeery quickly one thin over entire nail.

Essie's Mint Candy Apple is from Essies Winter Collection 2009 and it's one out of two Essies I own. Until 2010 collections I found Essie to be quite an average brand, with basically only two, three colours I'd acutally like to own. 2010 got some beauties, but spring collection for 2011 looks so freakishly boring from the bottle promo pics, I'm kinda disappointed. 

I hate Mint Cand Apple's application. Hate it! It's like putting soft melted rubber on your nails, extremly chalky and I really can work with thicker polish like Catrice, but this is whole new level. So I wasn't terribly satisfied with the application. This was two coats, the second one was trying to save the application, not opacity, since I think this is pigmented enough to be one coater. 
I still like the colour, it's very unusual, although I feel it doesn't like my skintone much. My hands looked kinda red or ashy, just not a very healthy colour. 

The best reaction ever I got from my BF while wearing this. I must say I'm quite lucky and my BF take this obsession of mine very good, and I think he kinda likes that I'm taking care of my nails. Or at least likes it enough not to complain about it. He's also my strictes judge. When it comes to application especially, but also with the colours. The notes are quite simple: 
"fajn" meaning "fine" = this colour/mani is very nice and I like it 
"v redu" meaning "o..k"  = you can do better, although it's a good enough colour
*shrugh* = oh well ...
"ne vem" meaning "I don't know", said in muted voice = I don't like it

And then the Mint Candy Apple reaction. You know the sound you make when you take meat from the fridge, smell it and realize it's already gone bad? That's the sound I got when he looked at my nails. Followed by disbelieving shaking of his head, like, what the hell is that on your nails, woman. I laughed my head off, seriously, his expression was so priceless, I almost peed myself from laughter. So yeah. He really didn't like it, is a new note in our judging system. :D

Still, I like it. :) What do you think about Mint Candy Apple? And about new theme for the blog, are you interested in my oldies? :)

Thank you for reading! 


  1. I have this plus the Barry M Nail Effects so I could totally do this. Great mani.

  2. I realy like Mint Candy Apple!

  3. Joj, tak pomladni. <3 Moram pa rečt, da nism prepoznala tvojih nohtov. xD

  4. Hahaha, umrla ob reakciji dragega. LOL No, jaz obožujem takšne odtenke, čeprav mi ne pašejo ravno najbolj. Oziroma ti, ki so na modri strani, se tepejo z mojo poltjo, medtem ko tisti na rumeni strani so pa super. Kar me pa še vedno ne odvrne od tega, da kupim še kakšnega modrega mintyja. :D Na tebi izgleda lepo! Kombinacija s cracklom je krasna!
    Nimam ideje za novo temo, so mi pa dosedanje všeč. ;)

  5. :) I love Essie Mint Candy Apple. It's one of the polishes I had pre NP obsession. It actually is the exact color of a robins egg. i found a robins egg the first day I wore it and it matches!

  6. Oldies are always fun! Personally, I get kinda "full" of the new releases when everyone posts them around the same time ;)

    LOL@ you BFs reaction! xD I must say that I think you did a great job with your application. And the colour is pretty too, I have a bottle I haven't tried yet, I fear it's too light a mint for my skintone. You're tempting me though, I think it looks very flattering on you!

  7. znači, dragog si prestrašila s ovim lakićem lol
    a meni se ova essie bojica sviđa :-)
    doduše još mi se više sviđa s cracklom gore :-)

  8. nije nesto sto bi ja nosila ali ne izgleda lose

  9. Meni se sviđa crackle verzija dok lak sam baš i ne. Lijepa je boja.. ali znam da to na meni ne bi nikako izgledalo pa mi se odmah manje sviđa.

    A dragi ti je stvarno za popiškit se od smijeha... hahhaha..

  10. babybleu!!! gorgeous!!
    I love the crack polish!!
    your nails are very pretty!! *jealous*

  11. Čudovit lak je, me zanima kako bi se kaj na meni obnesel, veretno ne preveč dobro. =)

    Tegale craclke sem si vedno želela, ampak je malo drag in kar težko dostopen. Sem pa zato zaj dobila enega, da napišem oceno iz Born Pretty, sem ga ravno nanesla, sicer ni tako lep crackle effect kot Isadorin, ampak še vseeno poka. Najbolj mi je všeč tvoj prstanec, čeprav drugi tudi niso slabi =)

    S fantom imata pa glede lakov dobro klasifikacijo =)

  12. I really like mint candy apply!

    In other news I just gave you a stylish blogger award. If you already got one don't worry, but feel free to visit for the amusing personal information.

  13. Thank you everyone, for commeting and sharing your opinions and experiences on wearing both shades! :) :*