Sunday, 9 January 2011

Comparison: Nubar Sapphire vs. Night Sparkle

Hey darlings! How are you doing? We have a sunny Sunday, yay! I woke up *too* early, but I got a coffee outside with a couple of friends and that was really nice, so it was worth it. :) Since the day is so nice, I decided I'll put on the last Sparkle I got from Tevta's Bday Project, when I realized that Sapphire, also from the same bunch is really really close to Night Sparkle. And you know I had to. Here's a comparison, bottles, sunlight picture, shade picture and video, I did them all.

 Bottle comparison both sunlight and lightbox, because the glitter difference shows better on artifical light.

 The inside picture really shows that the base colour is the same, but the glitter totally differs.

Sparkle check photo. Night Sparkle is obviously the winner here.

A crappy video, I'm afraid. I don't know what happend to the lighting, but this is the best I could do. And the sparkle is still very obvious.

Now ... where do I begin? Ok, usual info: Night Sparkle is a part of Spring 2010 Sparkle Collection, Sapphire part of Royal Gems Collection for Fall 2009. While Sparkle Collection rocks my world totally, Royal Gems has Sapphire that I consider buy-worthy and a big 'maybe' on Tiger's Eye. 
On the pictures I have three coats of both polish, I think they both also need three coats. Maybe you could do with two of Sapphire, but then you won't get such a dense glitter effect. I put two coats of SV on top of Night Sparkle and one on Sapphire, but they're still both kinda rough. 

To the colours ... the base colour is identical. And I mean 100% identical. Saying that I must add it's a gorgeous shade of blue, so I can understand why Nubar stuck to it. Sapphire feels more jelly like when applying than Night Sparkle, because of the density of glitter in the Night one, but it won't dry jelly. 

The glitter is completely different. Sapphire has larger, brighter glitter specks, while Night  glitter is identical to base colour (maybe also because it's so dense it kinda "creates" the base colour, if you know what  I mean) and much much tinier and denser. It's a Sparkle polish, you know how they are.

Do they differ? Polish freaks will say yes. I say yes, totally. I find them different enough to justify owning both. My mother doesn't notice a damn thing though, so I guess "ordinary" people won't notice the difference. I mean, they are close. Close enough I'm wearing them together now on my left hand and I'm not planing on removing one. Do you need them both? If you're a blue glitter fan, I think you won't mind having them both. I wouldn't buy both of them. One would suffice. Tevta being a major blue and glitter fan chose both, so I think that proves it. Which one would I choose? Now that's a million euros question. I don't effing know! They're both gorgeous, and I adore both of the glitters. I simply cannot decide. I put Sapphire on the right hand though. Take what you will from that. If I was to order only one, I don't know which one would I choose, honestly.

ADDED AFTER THE REMOVAL: Night Sparkle stains! Big freaking time!!! My thumb, middle and little finger right now are in soft yet extremly noticable blue colour. Seriously. I'm majorly suggesting some good base coat for Night Sparkle. As for Sapphire - that baby doesn't stain one bit. And I mean not one bit! It's also tons easier to remove. 

There you have it. Two gorgeous Nubar blue glitters. I love Nubar.

Which one do you prefer?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Great comparison. I've owned both (swapped out OPI) because I did make my decision and Nubar won for me. But I'm a huge Nubar freak anyway. Given your photos, the Nubar just shows a better sparkle anway. Great post.

  2. Thank you for perfect comparsion!

  3. Great comparison!
    I like night sparkle more!!

  4. Da moram birat night sparkle bi definitivno odnio pobjedu kako prekrasno blijesti

  5. I looooove them!but I think you already know that! :D
    nice comparison! :)

  6. Useful comparison, thanks for posting! :)

  7. Lalica, ja se još uvijek ne mogu odlućit. :/ ;)

    And thank you all for the lovely compliments! :)

  8. Choose? Not in my vocabulary - I would take both. :D

  9. night sparkle je na mojoj wish listi...dokad će tamo ostati...dok ne dobijem na lotu valjda!?

  10. Wow, še sama ne morem vrjet, da sta mi laka zeloo všeč, ampak sta res fuuuul lepa, se tud sama nebi mogla odločit katerega, no, mogoče mi je night sparkle boljši, ampak samo zaradi glittra( spet ne morem vrjet, da sm js to napisala). Res sta oba super in še ena super primerjava seveda =)

  11. Great comparison post! I'd be happy with either one, I think. :)

  12. Wow, I thought Sapphire was much lighter than Night Sparkle so I got myself the last one. Did you apply polishe without a base coat for this comparison? I didn't notice staining after a days wear with Essie First Base Coat. But yes, it gave me smurf fingers before I washed my hands...