Saturday, 15 January 2011

Lumene - Cosmic Girl (34)

Hello my darlings! How are you doing on this beautiful sunny day? Well, it's already dark here in Ljubljana, but before that it was really lovely, in spite me feeling a bit under the weather. That was also the reason for me playing with polish. Which is like my favourite thing to do when I'm not feeling well, because I can't really read if my head hurts, sadly. Although I started reading a very nice book today, but had to stop due to the pain and lunch preparation. 
Another thing. Yesterday I read an entry from co-blogger coming from Australia about the conditions they're living in right now. We all know about the mayhem they have in Queensland and I just want to send all my positive energy and good wishes to my readers, co-bloggers, your families and just to everyone out there, trying to survive the Nature's rage. I hope it will pass soon. 

Today I tried out my first Lumene nail polish. A couple of my friends went to Finland for NY's, to visit Kaneli and wait for the new year up North. Sadly I couldn't come with them, but I got some lovely polish when they came back.  Today I'll show you Cosmic Girl, that Kaneli chose for me, and I think she did a very good job, because lately I'm really loving this 'universe on nails' type of colour. Let's have a look, few shots on already fading sunlight, some lightbox and a video of sparkling, because these pictures really don't do Cosmic Girl any justice.

 Sparkle check photo, as usual.

 This is natural light, off direct sunlight, and it's how the polish looks most of the time, if you include the colorful sparkling that is sadly hardly visible on the picture. You can see SV makes it extra glossy, I can see my hand holding the camera on my middle finger.

 Here's the video. Light is already quite yellow from the fading sun, but you can still see the awesome colorful glitter this baby contains.

Like I said, this is my first Lumene and I am always very excited when I try new polish. When I opened the bottle and saw the tiny flat brush I was like: eh? And when I applied the first coat I was like: eh? But although the brush is quite short it is AWESOME! The only thing I mustn't do is wipe it. Then it's magic. It reminded me of yesterday's DS glamour application, yes that awesome! No trouble at all, it hugs entire nail, magic, really. And although the first coat of this baby makes you kinda worried what the hell are you putting on your nail, it's love at third coat, this one. Really. The base black colour is already opaque after second coat, but I wanted more glitter on the nail, so I applied the third one too. And it's totally totally awesome. It won't dry extra glossy, so I put SV on top and now it's pure magic. I adore it. Major plus also to the fact it only needs one layer of TC to be smooth. 
As for the brand, I don't know much about it, except it's finnish and they're paying attention to environment, they've gotten some certificates regarding this, so major plus, people! I love a brand that pays attention to it's surroundings. As for nail polish - it comes in really really cute little bottles that don't take much place. One bottle contains only 4,5 ml (0.14 FL.OZ.) of polish and I think they're fairly expensive. Well, it's Scandinavia, baby. And I just got an idea for our next chat! 

Like I said, I really love these kind of polish. Black base with glitter, that give the impression of space. Alizarine claws did a great wheel swatch of some of them, although Eyeko's Cosmic Polish that I want SO bad isn't here, BB's Vampy Varnish is also missing, although I heard VV needs lots of TC to be smooth. But my biggest lemming of all of these you can see at Alizarine's. Its Evil Shades Rainbow In The Dark, dedicated to Ronnie James Dio who passed away last year after a hard struggle with cancer. My BF was planning to see him just few weeks before he died, although I think they cancled that show even before. He had one of the best voices out there, he saved Black Sabbath for me (although I dig Ozzy's style and all, I can't seem to get into his very specific voice colour), and Rainbow In The Dark is one of the best songs ever. Saying all that, the Evil Shades polish is just to die for beautiful and so I totally want it. Really. Not even sure I can anymore. :( 

But anyway. Kaneli, thank you so much for this polish, it's perfect! *hugs* 

How do you find Cosmic Girl? Do you own any Lumene colours?

Thank you for reading!


  1. krasan lakić, nema zbora :-)
    imaš jedan i za mene?

  2. Savršeno.. nemam šta drugo reći..
    Nemam niti jedan ovaj lakić.. ali ne bi se ništa bunila da ga imam.. prekrasno <3

  3. Me veseli, da ti je vsec! Lumene Natural Code je sicer linija Lumeneja za mlade in letos jeseni so izdali novo kolekcijo lakov Punk Princes, med katerimi sta bila oba tvoja finska odtenka. ;) Drugace je pa ta kolekcija kar razgrabljena pri nas... cena Natural Code lakov je sicer okrog 4€, kar je po mojem mnenju kar fajn.

  4. this polish is very pretty!!
    I like this a lot!

  5. This nail polish is lovely. I have one back but with gold glitter.

  6. Never heard of this brand but wow this is a really sexy polish!

  7. Apsolutno prekraasan :) svidjaju mi se ovi videici koje si pocela ubacivat da vidimo kako sve lijepo blijesti

  8. heeeej:)

    ej kje bi se dalo tak lakec dobit?..sodelavka v sluzbi mi skos govori, naj se pozanimam:):) ker ga je pri tebi na blogcu vidla:):).... pa kok stane:):)... hvalaaaa:)

  9. Oh my, I forgot to thank you for your comments, guys, I'm sorry! I do read them and appreciate them, just sometimes run out of time to comment them!

    Pink_Diamond, tale je skandinavski, pravzaprav finski in se ga pri nas žal ne dobi. Kolegici sta mi kupili dva Lumenejčka ko so bili kolegi na Finskem. Žal ne poznam nobene alternative, ki bi se jo dalo dobiti v Sloveniji. :/ Kakšno finsko blogerko pocukaj za rokav za kakšen mini swap. :)