Friday, 14 January 2011

Comparison: O.P.I. Boris & Natasha vs. China Glaze - VII (thanks to Alluring mum)

Hey guys! As I enjoy my second cup of coffee today, I do not feel guilty about studying, as even my college profesor once said that one hour after lunch studying is useless, because the blood is in your stomack. Fact. ;) 
I mentioned a comparison I have prepared but then didn't post it thanks to new CC collection and so I'm posting it now.

First of all, I take no credit for this comparison discovery. I wouldn't have thought of it in a million years, although I adore both colours. Alluring Mum pointed it out on her blog here. If you haven't checked her blog yet, I highly recommend it, it's one of my favourite "kinda new" discoveries. Her nails are incredibly elegant and sophisticated and she does tons of comparisons.
This particular one bugged me greatly. As we talked about it over comments, it seemed like Boris&Natasha is a bit darker, but I couldn't figure it out how much darker, it is enough to own both, or would I be happy with just one? Because both of these shades are among my favourites from both brands. So I just had to try it out on my nails too. I had VII in the shoe box and I ask Tevta to bring me Boris&Natasha (thanks hun :*) and here is my little share to this comparison.

 "normal" light

  very strong light, to bring out the details more

This one just because I like how it turned out.

After trying it on my nails I can't see the darker shade in OPI. To me they're a 100% dupes. Totally. If I didn't write down which finger is which I'd totally forgot it by now. They just look the same to me. Both being really gorgeous, that is, but the same.

As all other stuff goes - I did two coats of ChG and three of OPI, because it was really uneven. Both brands are really good and so you can choose by your liking. It's up to you. I'll go with China Glaze, since appearantly I find easier to apply it. Price tag: ChG is cheaper, I think just about everywhere. But it has thinner brush, if you're a fan of OPI's Pro Wide brush, you may want to go with OPI. I love ChG's brush tho.
I may have found another dupe in Miss Sporty department. Which is like 1,75€ per bottle. But I'm still thinking whether to buy it or not, we'll see.

Again, thanks to Alluring Mum for pointing this one out, I hope you don't mind I did the comparison too. I just had to see it for myself. :) And thanks to Tevta for lending me the tools. ;) 

Do you own any of those two? Which brand do you prefer? Oh, btw, I have the gorgeous DS glamour on my nails today, what's on yours? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Great comparison! I don't have either of these, but I'm sure I have something close in another line, just can't think of what.

  2. grozna vidiš i sama da nemaš šta usporediti kad su isti :-p
    lijepe bojice, izludit ćeš me jer mi se čini da sve lakove s tvog bloga moram premjestiti na svoju wish listu... a to nije dobro,ne ne lol

  3. Hehe, jepp, they are really very very similar :))
    I could apply Boris & Natasha in 2 coats, but Fifth Avenue was easier to work with, it's true.

  4. they look very similar...both very pretty!!

  5. Super primerjava! Ravno včeraj sem gledala ta odtenek miss sporty =)

  6. These are really pretty, but you're right- I really can't tell a difference. Good to know :)

  7. Thanks for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

    KarenD - yeah, I'm sure it's not a terrebly unique colour. :) Still pretty tho!

    nail crazy, hehehe, nikad nije dovoljno lakova, tako da ti samo piši. ;)

    allurnig_mum, yeah, i think it's all up to every person, how they're applying their polish, I know lots of people can do magic with OPI brush. It seems I can work better with ChG. :)

    Renate, I agree! :)

    colrfulbottle, potem veš o katerem govorim, ja. Meni se je zdel zelo podoben. Verjetno ga bom res kupila in naredila še z njim primerjavo. V končni fazi bo bolj uporabna, ker če je dupe, je neprimerno cenejši in dostopnejši. :)

    Rachel Marie, glad you find it useful. :)

  8. the china glaze one is on my wishlist now! :D so gorgeous color!

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