Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Green Comparison: ChG Gussied Up Green vs. MNY 761 vs. Joy 383

Hello people! How are you doing? I'm having a break with coffee and cookies and I decided I'll show you an old comparison I prepared for you about two weeks ago but still haven't posted it. 

Before I start - I want to point out an amazing giveaway Kris from My Lucid Bubble blog is doing. It's *the* Clarins 230 and it's a special kind of giveaway where you donate money for it. 1 $ = 1 entry. Entire take will be given anonymously to the safe house for those who want to leave an abusive relationship. I loved her blog before and she's a totally awesome person, but this made me just go all Wayne's World on her with bowing *we're not worthy, we're not worthy!*. Not because of the polish, that seems so trivial when you see the cause of this giveaway, but because of this really fantastic idea, that gives entirely different viewing angle of giveaways and a fantastic idea for new level of nail-blogging. I have such a major respect for you, Kris, for thinking of this and doing this, I cannot express it. You rock, in short! So sign in, people! You can get a bottle of polish that goes up to 200 dollars on ebay and every cent you give for it will go to those in need!

And now to my comparison. I put three shades in the comparison, that seemed very close in the bottle. You'll see one is just pretending to be close, but other two are relatives. ;) 


As you can see China Glaze Gussied Up Green is pretty close to MNY 761, but the shimmer is much richer and it makes it greener than MNY. Joy looks close in the bottle, but is totally different on nails, more dark green grassy, with different shimmer, and yet also totally beautiful.

About polish itself: Gussied Up Green is a China Glaze which means for me application is almost flawless, I had no trouble at all, I applied three coats in want of making equal coats for all of them (and failed), but GUG is a two coater. 
MNY 761 is the one I liked the least with the application. Although the brush is flatter and should make application easier, there are bold spots even after second coat. I needed to apply four to make it even, which is a bit much, I'd say.
Joy 383 is a two coater without a doubt, very nicely pigmented, I did three because I thought three will do also for MNY. The only flaw I found on Joy was the stink that wasn't very joyful. This polish stank up my room totally. Nasty little beast. So it's definitively not a big3free polish, but still very beautiful. 

Colours: Gussied Up Green is perfect. I adore this colour and I think it's a must for just about every green fan. I got this from Tevta's shoebox, so sadly I'm still on the wait for my bottle. ;)
MNY 761 is almost too dark, it goes black quite fast. The pretty shimmer it has is quite visible on the sun but it soon goes too dark for my taste. It was a bummer, this one. I had it in my heap of untrieds, so this was my first try with it. I expected a bit more, out of application and colour.
Joy 383 was a major surpirse. I really didn't expect the colour to turn out like this. I mean, check the bottles, it looks just a tad bit lighter than MNY! It's a gorgeous colour, though, I wonder what is this a dupe for? 

I think the brushes are good on all three of them. As for prices, Joy is of course the cheapest in our neck of the woods, 5 ml for around 90 cents. The closest we can get MNY is Austria, there is really cheap, 7 ml for 1,95€. China Glaze, well, you know the drill. Ebay for whatever you can get it, transdesign for 2.99 $ + shipping and our for 7€ + shipping.

Dupes? No. I don't think MNY and GUG are close enough to be called dupes and Joy is entirely new colour. So yeah, if you like green, get them all. ;) The one I could live without? Probably MNY, as I needed 4 bloody coats for it (i sincerely hope this was just me having a bad day, I will give it another go!) and it tends to go dark fast.

So yeah, here it is. What do you think about them? Own any of them? :)

And here's a lil' something that made me smile and carries a very very good point and the truth!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm with you, what a great idea from Kris!

    Nice comparison! I didn't new GUG is sooo gorgeous :o

  2. krasni lakići,ja bih isto izabrala cg :-)
    ah edward,otkad njega ne vidjeh :-p

  3. I'm not a huge fan of greens but I like MNY 761 - because it's so dark, not "too green" for my taste! :3 I've usually managed to get it quite nice with 3 coats.

    And I have to agree with that Edwards -thing! :D

  4. Tega Joya pa še nikjer nisem videla. Saj ne, da ga rabim. :D
    Meni je najbolj všeč MNY, ker je najtemnejši, je pa škoda, da potrebuje 4 sloje. Jaz imam rdeč MNY lak in tudi ta potrebuje več kot 3 sloje za prekrivnost. Sem že razmišljala, da bi ga uporabljala za plastenje.

  5. Vsi trije so lepi (sej ne da rabim kakšnega ane ;) Slika od edwarda pa zmaga :D

  6. Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

    Hehe, AmyGrace, GUG is *perrrfect* green! :D At least in my opinion. :D

    nail crazy, edward mi je bio jedan od najdražih likova u srednjoj školi. I sad obožavam Johnnyja Deppa totalno. :)

    Lumi, hey, welcome to my blog! And yes, I think something went wrong with my application, I'll try and post another swatch of MNY, I think it should be three coater. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Taya, dejansko se ga precej težko dobi. Našla sem v vsem mojem času brskanja po Joy lakcih samo dva. Zdaj ga že lep čas iščem, pa ga spet ni nikjer. Joy so super lakci ker zmeraj najdeš nek nov odtenek. Jaz čisto vsakič. :D In morda MNY ne rabi 4, ravno Lumi je omenila, da je pri njej vse ok že po treh. Bom naredila še en swatch, obljubim! Morda vem o katerem MNY govoriš, ima holo bleščice notri? Ta rabi precej ja. :/

    Ina, me veseli da ti je všeč, mene je prav nasmejal. :D

  7. Joy so tudi meni super laki, ker imajo na izbiro ogromno odtenkov, tudi mene tudi vsakič znova kak pritegne. Šele zdaj vidim Lumin odgovor, izgleda, da sva istočasno pisali komentar. No, 3 je že boljše kot 4. :) Ja, ravno tega MNY s holo bleščicami mislim. Po takih lakih posegam le, kadar imam dosti časa za manikuro. Največkrat se mi ravno ne da nanašat 4 (še celo 3 ne) slojev.