Monday, 24 January 2011

Another Depend colour and GFC problem solved

Hey everybody! How are you doing? I'm enjoying my cup of coffee before I start studying and quite frankly, I'm having trouble finding the will to go to my study desk. I don't really know why, usually I do study if I know I have to but today I'm just not into it. Humpf. I hope I'll get to it, otherwise it will be hell until middle of February. 

In other news - welcome everybody! I hope I'll find all the new bloggers in the bunch, forgive me if I don't because lots of you joined in when I didn't have time to browse and then my GFC went all crazy. Speaking of which - my BF solved the problem yesterday. It was really chaos and at one point I got in a really bad mood because of it, but in the end it was working and it still does. Hope it lasts. If any of you have the same problem - I described it here - all you have to do is, when the GFC window opens click 'More options' button  (next to follow button) and there you should see, next to the display picture, info that claims it's using your blogger account and you also have the option of more profiles. Click on that and then 'unlink' the blogger profile. Then it should be working. At least it does for me. I'm sorry for a bad description, but yesterday I didn't think of print screen, as in the end he just improvised and all of the sudden it started to work. You may have to fill the form with your data. I know we did that at some point, and now I'm not sure whether this was an important step or not. :S You know, your nickname, profile image, link to the blog, if you have it. When I went checking on other blogs what data they have on my profile, everything looked normal. And now i do have the B from blogger when i follow new blogs. So basically, it's a mistery for me, but since it seems to be working, I won't dig too much into it. I hope this helps, or at least makes sense. Kinda. :S
But now to my last Depend. This is number three out of three that belong to me and it's called 209. 

 I left this one abnormally large (i don't think I ever posted pictures this large untill now) in hope you'll see at least a bit of details on this polish, because most of the time I failed to capture it. :( If you think you may have seen a blue sparkle here and there, I can promise you, it's there and there are many of them!

A couple of these pictures are left quite big, because I'm greatly frustrated by the fact I'm not showing you this colour's beauty as it should be. Most of the time on the pictures it looks pruplish with pink shimmer. But Depend 209 also contains silver specks of glitter and, most importantly, blue glitter that makes this polish quite unusual. The finish itself it's glass flecked ergo I adore it. The colour itself was a bit hard for me to figure out. Sometimes it looked very on the dark pink side, sometimes it was reddish purple, sometimes just soft purple with pink shimmer ... and the blue came out every once in a while and the silver too. So most of the time I was like: if I had to sort stash by colour, where the hell should I put you??

The application was tricky. Kaneli warned me about shimmery Depend, so I was kinda prepared, but still I wasn't too happy about the trouble it gave me. You can see the not-so-good result on my index finger the most. It was kinda goopy, not so simple to apply on the nail evenly so it doesn't look too hot around my cuticles and it tends to shrink at the end of the nail line, so wrapping is a good idea. I have three coats on, except on my middle finger, where I put only two and I think I can call this one a two coater. I'd prefer to put two coats anyway, because the coats are rather thick thanks to the polish structure and the third coat can give you thick nails, which I really don't like. I put SV on top because of the descirbed troubles, otherwise my mani would be ruined in a matter of minutes.

I must say I like this colour, I really do. It's special in my book. But also not easy to work with, sorry to say. The removal of it is a whole new level of PITA, because the silver flecks stick to your nail and even foil removal can leave you with extra work.

What do you think about Depend 209?

Thank you for reading!


  1. This is quite interesting shade! One I'd probably never pick up from a shelf myself... But I sort of like it, nevertheless!

  2. Neobična boja, ali posebna.
    Sviđa mi se :)

  3. this is gorgeous!! very pretty!!

  4. problem sloved? brzo popravi naslov!
    jesam li ja za ijedan tvoj lak rekla da mi se ne sviđa? mislim da ne... ne budem ni za ovaj :-)

  5. Sem popolnoma enakega mnenja - zelo posebna barva in nadlezen nanos. ;)

  6. Stella, I know what you mean, I thought about it when I ordered it, and changed my mind a couple of times too. But now I don't regret it. :)

    Lalica, meni isto. :)

    Renate, thanks!

    nail crazy, hvala! 5 puta pročitam prije nego pritisnem "post" i evo, još uvijek greške.

    Kaneli, jap! Samo mislim, da te bom vseeno prosila še za kakšnega, zelo so mi všeč. :)

  7. Very interesting shade! I love the shimmer, it really shows through and makes the polish go pop :)

  8. yeeeeey, piše solved!
    ma vjerujem, svakome se lako desi :-)

  9. Čudovit je =). Si si pa postavila zanimivo vprašanje, jaz bi ga vrjetno dala kar med roza in vijolične ki jih imam skupaj, pač nikoli niti malo ne kompliciram pri barvah, in ko pride do komplicirane barve, je sploh ne opišem *big red blush*.
    Res škoda, da je bil nanos tako slab.