Monday, 3 January 2011

A special manicure for a special birthday

Hey everyone! How are you doing on this beautiful sunny day? Can you believe I managed to get shots of one Sparkle Nubar on the sun? ;) I slept for around 5 hours, it was after 4 a.m. when I was still staring at the clock. Awesome, eh? I have tons of work today, but that doesn't really matter, it's a beautiful day and tonight we're celebrating a birthday of my favourite writer in the whole wide world, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (yes, I'm a fantasy nerd. I get the jokes of The Big Bang Theory guys and so on ;)). He was born on 3 January 1892 thus he'd be 119 today. He passed away on 2 September 1973 and left behind my favourite world that was ever created. Books are worlds on paper and he did the best one, at least in my opinion. Middle-earth, with ents, and Valar and elves and Silmarils and all the nature and ... million details of the world he so perfectly created.

I'm sure you all know who am I talking about. If nothing else, you probably saw Lord Of The Rings the movie series. Although I admire the work Jackson did with them, I dare say the real Middle-earth and the real perfection of the world hides in the books. So unless you're really not a fan of reading and/or fantasy, I think you should read Lord of the Rings. :) My personal favourite is probably Silmarillion, maybe also because it's quite a challenge to master all the stories and details of the book, I've read it a couple of times and I still can't recall half of the stuff going on there. And then there's Hobbit and Children of Húrin and History of Middle-earth for hardcore fans ... we're lucky his son, Christopher Tolkien is putting so much of his time and energy into publishing the stories that his father left behind.

But anyway, now that I've gone all geekish on you, here's the manicure I did today in thought of Tolkien and the world I love so much. When I think of Middle-earth, I think green. Forests and ents being one of my favourite creatures and the battle against nature-killing industry Tolkien describes really gets me thinking green. :) I wanted to combine the green with greenish blue of water, because Ulmo, master of water, is one of my loved ones of Middle-Earth, or creators of Arda, if you will. Yes, my nickname has a connection with him. :) 

And so, after much thought I decided I'll put on one of my untrieds, Depend number 191 and combine it with Orly's Halley's Comet. I did some layering and this is what came out.

I did two sunlight shots, although they kinda kill the Halley's Comet effect. And yes, I know you're probably thinking 'learn some nail art, woman!', because this is the best I can do. And I will! This year I'm trying nail art and types of manicure, actually I already have an idea for one, now I only have to find time to try it out. :)

The manicure: Depend 191 in two coats, it's an amazing green, with silver flecks of shimmer that I couldn't capture. The brush on Depend really surprised me, it's awesome, so is the structure of polish, not too thick, not too runny. Really cool polish.
Then I played with Orly's Halley's Comet - one coat over Depend on middle finger, two over ring finger and on my little finger there is only Halley's Comet, three coats.
I put Seche Vite on top, just in case. :)

I love how this one turned out, I think my ring finger looks the best layered, really sea like colour, I'd say. :) Depend is a big surprise for me here. It's a great polish, I'm loving it!

And now I must go. :) A little song for you at the very end. One of my favourite bands, Blind Guardian. They did an entire album dedicated to Tolkien's Silmarillion. What's not to love? But here's a great mix of their Lord Of The Rings song, orchestral version. Enjoy. :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. That looks great! My boyfriend passed by as I looked at your pics and he said he liked it too :)

  2. krasna manikura :-)
    lakše mi je kad znam da nisam jedina zaluđena tolkienom...eto nam još nešto zajedničko :-)

  3. Beautiful manicure! I'm going to have to try Essence - Choose Me! over a grass green (I don't have this Depend polish or Halleys Comet so I'll have to do with substitutes) - the nail with two coats is my favourite. Almost look duochrome :)

  4. Ogromni sam fan Tolkiena, ali zelene bas i nisam, tako da mi ova manikura nije bas najbolje sjela, a profesoru sretan rodjendan :)

  5. Mene Gospodar prstanov v filmski obliki ni nikoli preveč pritegnil, amak knjige bom pa defenitivno prebrala nekega dne, ker zelo rada berem in so mi vedno knjige veliko boljše od filmov, ker ko bereš knjigo, se lahko veliko bolj prepustiš domišljiji...

    Kar se pa tiče manikure, je pa zelo lepa, da ozadja in ekološke miselnosti sploh ne omenim=)

  6. anniescolors, hehe, cool! Thanks to the both of you. :)

    nail crazy, ma, sad se stvarno moramo dobiti na jednoj kafici. :) Super, da si Tolkien fan i onda još razumješ mojo obsesiju sa lakovima, pa perfektna kombinacija. :)

    Jette, Choose me! is a dupe anyway, I just had Orly bottle closer to me. :) And I think it will look great over any bright green. :) Two coats are my favourite too! It remidns me a bit of Ivanka, actually!

    Lendoxia, yaaay, još jedna fanica Tolkiena, još jedna kandidatka za kaficu! To je super! Vidim, da ne voliš baš zeleno pa me zanima koje boje izrazito voliš? :) Tako, iz firbca. :D Znam puno ljudi koji ne vole zeleno na noktima, tako da mi nije čudno, al ne mogu prokužiti skroz tvoj blog koja ti je najdraža, jedino možda ima plave više nego drugih? :)

    Renate, thank you!

    colofulbottle - podpis pod tvoje mnenje o knjigah! Jaz tudi vedno preferiram knjige pred filmom. Čeprav je pa res da je to čisto drug medij in smo morda kdaj prestrogi do filmskih upodobitev. Ampak knjige imam pa vseeno raje. :)

    Tassa, hvala ti!

    Hvala vsem za komentarje! Thank you all for your comments!