Friday, 7 January 2011

Sweet 16 for glorious 100 - 1st giveaway

Hey people! Here it is!! My first giveaway! Wiiiiiiiii! I'm totally excited about it! A bit nervous too, because of the form and all. As you could already see, the Google Docs is not my best friend, I accidentaly already posted the entry without writing a single thing in it. But I think it's ok now. Before we even get started I ask you: If you notice any kind of problem with Google Form, tell me! On the comments or email, whatever is easier for you! If I didn't do it right, we'll switch to entering via emails, or comments, if you prefer. Thank you!

To tell you the truth, I secretly planned to have my first giveaway on my birthday, in the middle of March, and I thought I was being very optimistic with number 100. You guys beating that plan for 3 months is such an awesome thing I cannot even put in words. I'm incredibly thankful for your time reading my ramblings and for every single comment that has been posted on this blog. In this hectic times, when we have tons of stuff to do and internet offers us so many things we can watch, listen to, read and so on, I take it as a major compliment that you're all willing to spend some of your precious time on this blog. So this giveaway is meant at a thank you to all of you, totally awesome people! You're the best!

And now to the prize! :)

Ta-daaa! Doyoulikeit doyoulikeit? :) I really hope so. :) As you can see, I changed my mind at the last moment. Tevta found some holo polish in the store and grabbed it for me, and since I wanted it to be 16 bottles, I threw out some glitter bottles. Because holo always beats glitter, right? :) So the teaser has been changed a bit, now it's 3 brands instead of 5 but much more holo! I thought that's a win situation. :)

So what's in it?
5 supercute NYX Girls bottles, 4 of them hardcore glitter.
No name (CN246), Show Girl, CN235, CN 229, Morroco

3 NYX polishes (and I think Paradise will be one of the awesomest layering polish, shimmer is beyond cool!)
Paradise, Techno (less blue IRL, more purple), Antique

Now, people, both NYX polishes have been opened and tested on one nail. I feel it is fair of me to tell you this, although you couldn't tell, because not even the necks are dirty. I asked once in one of my entires if anyone minds getting already opened polish and I got none negative replies, so I decided to make the giveaway a bit bigger by putting these in. If you mind, it's not a problem at all, if you get the prize, just tell me and I'll send you only the rest of it and I'll choose another winner for NYX. :) 

4 Essence Metallics LE polishes with magnetics particles (except the last one)
Copper Rulez!, Nothing Else Metals, Steel Me, Metal Battle

I didn't buy the Essence magnet, because it's really bad and I struggled with it to get any pattern at all. I discovered ArtDeco eyeshadow has tons better magnet! 
I had an empty one at home by chance, and if you don't have any, tell me and I will send it with the prize!! The pattern is much much intenser with it and it's tons easier to make it with. :)

4 Holografic Shine polishes. As you can see from the bottles (and on the photo of the close-ups), it's not an intense as-ChG-OMG-Collection holo. I haven't tried these babies yet as I don't have extra bottles at home, but from the bottles I'd say the holo effect is subtle.

406, 420, 417, 408

And just another tease with the close ups.

See the shimmer in Paradise? Awesome! Anyway, this is it. With the exception of NYX all others are unopened and basically all of them weren't used. One finger, really, how does that show on a bottle? ;) 

I really hope you guys like it!

The rules:
  • You have to be a GFC follower, new followers are always welcome, the giveaway is opened internationally.
  • You have to fill the form at the end of the entry. There is only one entry per person! If you make a mistake, let me know in the comments or via email (contact page) and I'll sort it out. I won't accept 8 same entries from one person in an hour. Yes, it did happen, that's why I'm pointing it out.
  • Additional entries can be earned with blogging about my giveaway. I accept either sidebar or entries. OR any other system of posting giveaways you use on your blog. Another addition entry if you twitt about it OR spread the word on beauty forums. I put Twitter together with beauty forums because I otherwise don't use twitter and so I can relate to those among you that don't either. ;) 
  • The giveaway will end on February 10th at midnight CET, I'll pick the winner at random, I'm not sure yet how, either a program like, or if the entries won't be numerous, with a giant box by hand. :D 
Major, major thank you to my dear Tevta for all the generous help with the giveaway! It wouldn't be so awesome without you! 

That's all from me, people. Please let me know if the form won't work properly and your thoughts on NYX being opened. And of course on the giveaway itself. :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Congrats on the followers! <33
    Definitely entering your giveaway :D

  2. I found no problem with the form (and I entered, of course!). Those holos look droolworthy!

    Huge congrats on your 100 followers! What an amazing milestone :D

  3. Lois, thank you! :)

    Katkoc: ;)

    Amigas Makeup, yes, I wrote it on the form and in the entry, I emphisized it now, so there will be no doubt. :) It is international!

    Jette Fromm, great, thank you for the info!

  4. a ženo,totalno razvaljuješ s ovim darivanjem!!!
    krasni lakeci,tko zna, možda budu i moji :-)

  5. Čestitke za tvoj prvi giveaway. ;)

  6. Amazing giveaway! :)) I hope it's okay to have the link on the sidebar under a page for giveaways. :) I think maybe also there was a mistake with google when I tried to sign in so I chose the short version of my name "millie" but as you can see here I'm Melisende. Don't know what happened. Let me know if I need to change anything. :) Have a nice weekend!

  7. Wow, tole je pa en super giveaway, komaj čakam da se pridružim, hava tebi in Thifi za tole =).
    Glede vseh spremlevalcev ti palahko rečem samo to: Resnično si jih zaslužiš! In jaz z užitkom gledam fotografije na tvojem blogu in se slinim ob njih. =)

  8. thanks for such a great giveaway ..
    hope to win :D

  9. Awesome giveaway!

  10. Čestitam za toliko spremljevalcev, pa super giveaway! :D

  11. Hello, kje si dobila te holote?

  12. I filled i the form but not sure if it went through. Could you check to see if it did?

  13. Melisende, thank you for pointing out the page for giveaways, I forgot about it, but I put it on now! And don't worry about the nick, I sorted it out. :)

    Akasha, kot sem napisala, jih je Tevta našla v eni trgovini, jo bom povprašala kje točno, ker jih itak rabim še zase, je pa zagotovo lokalna.

    Laura, I don't think it did, I don't have you on the list. :/ Try again, ok? :)

    Thank you all for compliments and you're are very welcome, I'm just glad you like the giveaway, it was prepared for you after all! :)

  14. Čestiram za 100 followerjev in upam, da jih bo kmalu 1000. :d

  15. Hvala, Gejba! :) Uf, 1000 je še daleč, sem pa ravno danes občudovala vaš GFC okenček, že greste na 1200, čestitke! :)

  16. I entered the contest,but it's my first time trying to enter, so I hope it went through :) Great giveaway, and congrats on the new followers!

  17. I am trying my luck too, from Portugal =)


  18. Odlican giveaway i jos bolji blog! Novi sam follower al cu ovdje cini mii se dugo ostati.

  19. Erin, I have you on the list, it went through. :) And thank you!

    Pinkk Candy, good luck, welcome to my blog! :)

    Simly, hvala ti i dobrodošla! :)

  20. Čestitke za toliko spremljevalcev! Verjamem, da jih bo še veeeliko več! :)

  21. Congratulations and an early Happy Birthday to a fellow middle-March baby! I entered, I hope it went through!

  22. Thank you so much for the tip with the Artdeco e/s magnet, very helpful! :)

  23. Congrats on 100 followers and TWO hundred and now, TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY!!! Thanks for an awesome and very generous giveaway! :)

  24. Ivana, hvala srce. :*

    Giovanna, yes, you entered, I have you on the list. :)

    SwedishPearly, thank you!! :) And I don't have you on the list, do you go as some other nick on the GFC? If not, try again!

    Vedra, great, I'm glad you find it helpful! :)

    Kellie, thank you! :D I know, it's insane, isn't it? :D

  25. This giveaway is amazing, I entered :)
    Ulmiel, thank you!

    and congratulation on 279 followers :)

  26. Thanks for an awesome and very generous giveaway! Kisses

  27. i entered,thank you for this lovely giveaway,xoxo

  28. nice giveaway!
    good luck to all!

  29. Brilliant and very generous, thank you so much!

  30. super giveaway))) thank you)))

  31. New follower here! I already joined your giveaway! :)

  32. Hi from Italy!
    The draw is international?
    Great giveaway!

  33. GFC follower

  34. Great giveaway!
    Don't mind for the opened NYX polished :-)

  35. Thank you all, and you know it's my pleasure! :)

    Elisabetta, the draw is international, yes, go ahead and enter. :)

    Cloe, please, fill the form to enter, I don't accept comment entires. :)

  36. wowowow! wonderful!!

    mail: madamesel(at)email(dot)it

    kiss fro Italy!

  37. Please enter me! ^_^
    Amazing giveaway!

  38. awesome giveaway! I just entered^^
    hope I win =)

  39. Great blog and amazing giveaway, thanks!!! :D

  40. Darlings, please use the form! I do not except comment entries, so Silvia and floryfrancy, if you haven't already filled the form, do that too. :)

  41. I used the form, but I'm not sure it worked properly.
    I blog abouto your giveaway:

  42. I found your giveaway amazing!! tnx for that!

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