Sunday, 2 January 2011

China Glaze - 2NITE and info on Tronica

Hey people! I hope you had a good welcoming party for 2011 and are good and healthy right now! I kinda caught a cold yesterday, me and my darling went for a walk after midnight, we were in the mountains and there was a stream there so we walked to it. I didn't realized my feet were burning from cold until we got back into the hause, but nevermind that. The stars were just beautiful.  And so were the fireworks. :) 

Tonight I'll show you one from the Project Lativa, that I swatched on a sunny day. And loved it! It's holo China Glaze, from OMG collection and it kinda fits right now, because the Tronica swatches are slowly coming online and I just thought it would combine nicely with my rambling about it. :)

 Off direct sunlight holo is not so intensiv, but still visible.

It's a gorgeous light blue holo that I really love. Two coats, it gave me no trouble whatsoever. Very nice.

And now to the Tronica insanity we got here. :) Of course I had to peak on my blogroll right after I came home if there is anything new on the 2011 collections. And Sam from the gorgeous Fashion Polish blog fed me some news! Colour drops and colour comparison to the OMG Collection! :) I got my wish, it's closer to the OMG type of holo and not Kaleidoscope type, but the colours are also pretty close, don't you think? I think i'll just reflect my WL from OMG collection to Tronica Collection. :) Not that I'm complaining much, but if you have OMG collection, I don't think you'll be over the moon about Tronica. Could be wrong though! I do think, that if you're a huge fan of certain colour, you won't mind having more shades, since they are different. I wouldn't mind having both DV8 and Techno Teal, for instance. But right now I have my eyes on Laser Lime, Hyper Haute, Gamer Glam, Techno Teal and perhaps also Cyberspace and Virtual Violet. High Def looks dangerously close to 2NITE that I already have. So half of the collection. But I think I'll be really happy if I get one. ;) My personal favourite: Techno Teal, without a doubt! 

And before I forget. If her gorgeous nails, application and creations (check this one out *drools*) aren't good enough reason for following Fashion Polish, she has a giveaway. Yes. One 13 ml polish bottle. One? Oh yes. But did I mention? It's Chanel Black Pearl! Oh, now you're interested? I bet you are! :D OK, Sam, I hope you don't mind I wrapped it in a good intended joke. :) 

And here we are. My first post for 2011. Tell me, if you already have the OMG collection (or the ones you want), what do you think about Tronica? Will you be getting any? And if you don't own OMG, which ones from Tronica would you like to have?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Gorgeous application on 2nite !!! Beautiful pics too.
    Thanks for mentioning me ;)

  2. I love this polish!

    :) I'm getting Tronica tomorrow! So excited.

  3. FashionPolish, no problem! :)

    Rachel, aaaaaah, can't wait to see swatches! Now I must pray to the weather gods of your place to bring you some sunshine tomorrow. :D

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Your nails look great! I need to pull out my OMG Collex and try some untrieds.

  5. I love this polish! I have yet to try it as a full mani <3
    I'm very disappointed in the Tronica collection :/ It doesn't look like there's much holo in them at all.

  6. Moj najljubši lak na svetu. ♥

  7. I just saw the Tronica collection, and I'm also disappointed! I expected waaaay more holo-ness. I like the OMG collection better, too bad I don't own any yet, but I will search for 2NITE right now on ebay! I just need it so much!

  8. AllThingsNails! I agree, you should, OMG is an awesome collection. :)

    Jette, me too, I was sorry that I took it off, but I had another holo waiting in the line and that one was the biggest temptation. :D And yes, Tronica will obviously be the big disappointment of the month. :/ Still, I'm getting a few, I didn't get with OMG Collection.

    Nina, uh, močna trditev. :D

    Lois, i know. I don't know what do think about it. I was hoping that only the lighting on the swatches wasn't good, but now sunlight pictures proved me wrong. I don't know ... I guess we'll still be hunting down OMG.

    Thank you for the comments!

  9. I might be getting a few as well - I still think they'd make great stamping polishes and sooner or later, I run dry from my OMG's (I dread that day!). I hope another brand will make us some amazing holos this year... It's silly not to, people go insane and buy a lot more if it's holo! LOL!

  10. Krasen je in bravo ChG za super OMG kolekcijo! <3 Kar se tiče Tronice - blah, res bi lahko presenetili s čem boljšim, ker se mi zdi, da smo vse pričakovale več od teh holotov. :D Pa vseeno, upam, da dobim kakšnega, sploh tistega, ki je podoben BFF, QT in IDK pa že imam, več pa tako "ne rabim". :D

  11. Tale lak je res lep ampak mi je iz te kolekcije DV8 še veliko lepši =)
    Sem kar malce razočarana nad CG, da so ukinili OMG kolekcijo in naredili Tronico, čeprav mi je pri Tronici Techno Teal zelo všeč in je že na WL =).

    Glede na to, da je to bil tvoj prvi post letos, ti želim srečno, zdravo, uspešno, nalakirano.... leto =)

  12. Jette, I agree! Actually I'm secretly hoping Color Club will do a kickass holo collection, since their holo polish is also beyond awesome. I think that would be ultra cool. :D

    Ivana, jaz jih tudi nekaj mislim nabavit. Kaj pa moram, vseen je holo. :D In čeprav je subitlen holo, imam občutek, da bodo vseeno prav fini na nohtih. Le ogromno pričakovanja je bilo zaradi OMG kolekcije. :D

    colofulbottle, DV8 je po mojem mnenju najlepši v OMG kolekciji. Ta je resnično perfekten. In ja, Techno Teal je tudi meni popoln. :D In hvala enako, čim lepše leto 2011! :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!