Friday, 31 December 2010

My top 5 of 2010

Hey people. Me again. I'm getting this out in the last moments, I'm about to hit the showers and tomorrow I'm gonna have a hectic day, preparing for NY party, so i better write it down now. Jette Fromm tagged me with my top 5 of 2010, check her top 5 too! :)  

Here it is, for 5th to first place. I payed attention about this being all 2010 collections, although I discovered this year some of really the best polish ever, from previous collections.

5. I had to do a tie, I'm sorry. MAC Bad Fairy  from Venomous Villains is one baddass polish, and I can't choose between her and Orly's Meet Me Under The Mistletoe from Orly's Holiday Collection. So they share the fifth place. And this is by far the best I could do to shrink the number. ;)

4. O.P.I. Nevermore from Go Goth! Halloween Collection. I cheated, I know, it's actually Ink, but it did came out this year! :P

3. Violet Sparkle from Nubar Sparkle Collection for Spring 2010.

2. Verde from Nubar Venetian Glass Fall Collection 2010.

1. And, of course, you probably saw this one coming. From the Cosmic FX Orly's 2010 Fall Collection, Space Cadet!

This is it. It was hard for me to choose, even in this year my crushes were also Who The Shrek Are You?, Halley's Comet, Fire Sparkle and so on. And some of my biggest lemmings come from this year, but I just didn't have the opportunity or/and money to buy them. Like quite a few bottles from BB Couture's Ladybug collection and Infamous Lovers, where I want like entire set. :)
One thing did surprise me. No China Glaze in my top 5? What? I worship China Glaze, right now it's my number 1 brand, from all the gems I discovered lately! But I have to admit, their collection from this year weren't my cup of tea, with the exception of the Holiday collection, where I still have three polishes to try out, and I do suspect Jolly Holly would have made it to the list.

Saying all this, I must mention a few of my biggest crushes this year, that are found in earlier collections, but I discovered them in this one. In no particular order:
China Glaze: DV8, Watermelon Rind, Wagon Trail. (2009 OMG, 2009 Summer Days, 2008 Rodeo Diva)
Kinetics: Magnificent (2008 Pure Elegance)
O.P.I.: Yoga-ta Get This Blue, DS Glamour (2008 India, no collection that I know of)
SpaRitual: Mood (2008 Inspired)
Illamasqua: Rampage (I don't know when it was released, Scrangie first mentions it in may 2009)
Magnetic: Spectacular (Spect.) Stone (I don't think Magnetic gets out in collections)
Zoya: Rea, Suvi, Midori (both 2008 Downtown, 2009 Oh-La-La).

And bazillion more. I'm sure I forgot quite a few of them. But there you have it. A sneak peak into my nail polish favourites. :) 

And now I must tag, haha! I tag Lalica, Biba, Nail Crazy, AmyGrace, Alluring_mum, Taya, Sonidlo and everybody else on my blogroll, because I'm tooootally curious about your top five! Come on! :) And if you're not a blogger or don't have time for posting it, write it down in the comments. :)) 

All that is left for me to do now, as I'm already typing this away on the last day of 2010, is that I wish you  
a happy new year, may it be succesful, full of love, laughter and joy, may your expectations be reached and surpassed and let us all have the best nail polish year! 

Thank you for reading, have a great new year's party!


  1. i loooove all of your top nail polishes! i'm definitely going to pick up your number 1 choice.

  2. Happy new year to you too! I love your picks - all of them are super special polishes! And some of them are still on my wantlist :)
    DV8 would've made my list too - it's he most gorgeous holo I own, I got it this year as well :)

  3. Nubar Verde is spectacular and didn't get enough attention on the blogs IMO.

  4. Cool top 5 picks list, have a Happy New Year you too! ;).

  5. Wow, super lista! Si želim vseh teh lepotcev :D

    Se bom potrudila naredit tak seznam, čeprav dvomim, da se lahko odločim samo za 5 lakov...

    Pa srečno novo leto! :)

  6. krasni primjerci na listi...
    hvala na tagu,sad neću moći spavati dok se ne odlučim :-/
    svako dobro te pronašlo u novoj :-)

  7. Joj, dobra si, da lahko izbereš 5 oz. 6 top lakov. To je zame misija nemogoče. :D Imaš pa same lepotce na svoji listi!

    Pa srečno 2011!

  8. April K, you should, it's awesome!

    Rachel Marie, grab it the second you see it somewhere! :D

    Jette, yeah, DV8 is just perfect. Techno Teal will make a great younger brother to it, I'd say! :)

    jaljen, welcome to my blog! I agree, its a hidden gem of this year!

    Arie, thank you!

    Biba, težko je, vem. :D

    nail crazy, LOL :D Bar spavaj pomalo, dok se ne odlučiš, bit če bolje, možda sanjaš top 5 :D

    Maestra, saj vem, saj sem goljufala s tem, da sem jih cel kup naštela še pod top 5. ;) In hvala enako, veliko sreče!

    Hvala za komentarje! Thank you for the comments!

  9. no china glaze? thanks for sharing! :) they lok gorg on u!

  10. Yeah, I know, no China Glaze, what the hell, right? But as I wrote in the post, this year I didn't try anything that I adored from ChG, nor did the collection made me go crazy about it. There's tons of "old" china glaze on my top list, tho. ;)

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