Tuesday, 28 December 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

Hey guys! How are you doing, do you have your NY resolutions written down already? ;) Yesterday, at around 10 p.m. I got an insane urge to change my mani. Seriously bad urge to put on someting really bright, kinda like "not me" colour, it was like a nervous twitch or, you know, when something itches so badly, it doesn't go away no matter how many times you scratch it. 
As a disturbing amount of nail polish already went on and off my nails yesterday (having sunny weather I wanted to swatch a couple of beauties that look their best on the sunlight), I tried to make it go away. Most of the time I manage to keep myself from changing colour in very late hours (because sometimes I get an idea for mani around midnight and that's just not cool) but yesterday I couldn't. I went through the stash and realized it's the Bad Landing urge. I was just about to put it on, when I saw this beatuy in China Glaze box. Orange Marmalade, baby. 

 Sunlight picture from today.

Added later, sunlight and natural light, that's why the different nail lenght:

This is an insanely cool shade! From 2009 Summer Collection called Summer Days, the same collection gave me Watermelon Rind and I cannot get over how cool both look like, the glass flecked finish is totally awesome. As I thought Summer Days is a 'one bottle only' collection for me, Orange Marmalade made me go see the swatches again and I think that I wouldn't mind having Grape Juice too, perhaps also Cherry Pie, since I'm loving this finish so much. And Orange Marmalade was the one that was a tooootal pass for me. Orange polish. Me? No freaking way! And now I think I can officially stop calling myself non-orange polish fan. First it was DS Tapestery, than Bad Landing with lots of orange in it, and now Orange Marmalade and a sudden crush for Life Preserver orange shade from Anchors Away. I'm done. Orange is officially on! :)

Mind you, this is pretty sheer. I have 3 coats on, because I wanted to hid my nail line completely and yet I can still see it a bit. But you can easily get away with 2 coats, especially if you don't care about VNL. But, noting the sheerness of the polish, I must also say it dries unbelievably fast. When I applied all 3 coats, it was probably well over 10 pm, around 10.30 for sure, since I was choosing the shade and so on.  I did not add a TC! And I finished watching something and took a shower and later on went to bed and this morning I woke up smudge free! There is not one smudge on my mani! The proof is the sunlight picture that I took this morning! This is Orange Marmalade in three coats, applied at 10.30 pm! It's my go-to nail polish from now on! Not to mention nothing shows on it! No tip wear whatsover after one day of wearing, showering, making lunch, making coffee all the time! I'm loving it!

And I bet you're still thinking: what the hell is with bright orange in the middle of the winter?! Well, what can I say. You say left, I say turn around for 180 degrees and dance the cha cha. I don't know. I really felt like wearing something bright. Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.

What do you think? What's on your nails today, are you craving something bright or are in winter colours?

Thank you for reading!

PS: I hope there are some Monty Python fans out there, otherwise you may find my entry even weirder than usual. ;)


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  2. I love bright colors like this, no mater the season. Where is the written rule that you cant wear bright colors in winter?? I'll wear neon green in the middle of January!

  3. Beautiful colour! Even though it's not season for bright orange, I think you should follow your heart ;) We all need a little pick me up every now and then when it's dull outside!

  4. Wow, super je, bom še jaz kje postala navdušenka oranžnih nohtov =).
    Se mi zdi, da zadnje čase ni več lakov ki so primerni in lakov ki niso primerni, vsaj glede na to kakšne kombinacije včasih vidim =)

  5. April K, I totally agree with you! I have the same policy. :D

    Jette Fromm, yes, that's exactly why I put on Orange Marmalade, I needed a pick me up. Even sparkles didn't work. :)

    Colofulbottle, ma, jaz ti povem, ne upam več nič trditi za nobeno barvo. Če bi mi leto dni nazaj rekla, da se bom navduševala nad oranžno barvo in holografskim finishem, bi te obtožila da si pijana. ;)

    Thanks for the comments!/ Thank you for the comments!

  6. Ulimel, hehe, enako bi lahko pred pol leta rekla jaz za shimmer, glitter, holografski finish in roza barvo =)

  7. ma u tmurne dane nema boljeg nego nabacit nesto ovak jarko, nisam ni ja neki ljubitelj narancaste,ali kad ovo vidim dvaput cu razmislit o tome


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    I think you should follow your heart ;) We all need a little pick me up every now and then when it's dull outside.