Thursday, 16 December 2010

Nubar - Teal Glitter (over Jessica Divine Pine)

Hey everyone! How are you doing? I'm better than yesterday, which is a good thing. Tevta saved my life today with coffee in the outside world. I can't be at home all the time, it makes me go nuts. So it was good to grab a cup of coffee, even if perhaps I shouldn't go into that cold. I also got the Lativa polish that was at her place, so I have 4 more to show you, altogether there are 10 left, not including Teal Glitter. :) And after that we're going to the next set, and I cannot wait for that one! Two words: Sparkle Collection! Wiii! So todays Nubar is really in place and it mended my broken heart after Indigo Illusion. Teal Glitter is a stunner. I adore it, I've been wearing it for 4 days now or something. Really awesome. I simply put it over Jessica's Divine Pine, because I thought it will be layering only polish, but this baby is so dense in glitter, you can have it opaque in two coats! Can we all squeek of joy? Perhaps not. :D Pictures!

 Direct sunlight.

 I did a few sparkle checks, this one is the most accurate, and still I wish I had a better way of showing you just how insanely sparkely this polish actually is.

I did quite a few direct sunlight shots, but most of them ended in disaster when it comes to colour accuracy - most of them changed teal to blue! As you can see on this blurry sparkle check. The colour on other pictures is accurate. 

I did one layer on every finger, with exception of my ring finger, there are two coats on that nail. As you can see, you can easily get away with two coats for complete coverage, but really rock solid coverege with three coats, which, in my opinion is still more than totally awesome for a glitter polish! A adore Teal Glitter. It's a bliss to apply, no trouble whatsoever, it's easy to spread it evenly over the finger ... seriously, awesome polish. Nubar is already famous for the easy removal of their glitter, i'm going to try this later on today and let you know in my next post, but since Tevta told me I don't even need foil technique, I'm guessing it really is that easy. :) 
If you mind a bit rough touch of glitter on your nails, you may need to add another coat of TC, after one I still feel a bit of it on my nails, but not as major as on some other glitters. I asked uncle Google a part of which collection is Teal Glitter, but he couldn't find one info on that one, nobody mentions the collection, nor did I find entire collection, except Sparkle and Prism, when it comes to word "glitter". So i don't know, maybe it didn't came in collection or something, although I find that hard to believe. But anyway, as you know, Nubar is big 3 free, with label "vegan", which I still don't get in nail polish industry, but hey ... there you have it. It's a gorgeous shade and I absolutely adore it. I can wear it by itself, or layered over something dark, it will look stunning. Even my father noticed my nails (and complimeted them), and he doesn't notice if I cut my hair for 20 cm. ;) 

And before I forget, a quick giveaway news: Rachel Marie is giving away some of my major lemmings for 50th follower giveaway. Really generous of her. Got me thinking that perhaps I should do 50th follower giveaway too, but I always thought and planned 100th follower giveaway, so I'm gonna stick to that now, we're more than half way there. :)

So yeah, Teal Glitter is my newest crush, I love it. What do you think about it?

Thank you for reading!


  1. vidi kako se bljeska...šta se tu ima ne volit!?
    ma krasan je...imaš stvarno zavidnu kolekciju

  2. OMG, it's crazy beautiful! For just half a year ago I found such polishes ugly, but now I have another view on sparkling beauties :))) Very party and very Christmassy :))

  3. E ovo je zelena koju bi i ja nosila.. prekrasno :)

  4. I love this glitter it's gorgeous! I'm trying to type with foil on my nails in attempt to remove yesterdays glitter polish!

    :) Thanks for blogging about my giveaway! I'm curious what you're lemming after!

  5. Lep! Trenutno se malce spogledujem z zelo podobnim Orlyjem (zeleni glitter), dobi se v mini flaški tule, sam je kar drag, ene 8€. Pa še vedno ne lakiram nohtov, ker jih zdravim, in imam še od RD cel kup lakov za nosit...

  6. nail crazy, nije toliko moja kolekcija zavidna kao što je Tevtina. ;) :D

    alluring_mum, yeah, taste in polish changes so much. I started as a red and purple creme only lover, now look at me. ;)

    Lalica, super! :D

    Rachel Marie, I'm so surprised that i didn't need foil for Teal Glitter! It's so easy to remove, it made me love it even more! :D And no problem, thank you for having the giveaway. :) My biggest lemmings in that bunch of goodis are Rain Polish and - watch out now - *whispers* Color Club Revvvolution. I KNOW I KNOW, it must be some sort of crime in nail-polish world not to have it. I'm expecting heavy fine from nail-polish senate in my mail. *heavy sigh* ;)

    Kaneli, Orly je tudi super, ja! Ojej, tole je pa kar huda z nohti. :/ Tudi biotin ne pomaga? Pa piljenje s kristalno pilico?

    Hvala za komentarje!/Thanks for the comments!

  7. Kristalno pilico itak uporabljam ze skoraj 1 leto. ;) Ne vem, malce je vsekakor boljse, ampak se vedno se raje ne lakiram...

  8. I really like it! I haven't got any green glitters yet!