Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Nubar - Fire Sparkle

Hey everyone! How are you doing? I'm kinda in a hurry, a friend of mine is celebrating his birthday today, and we're going out, but I want to post another Nubar before I go get ready. Fire Sparkle is my second big lemming from the Nubar's Sparkle Collection, right after Violet Sparkle so obviously it came second in the row of trying them out. It was my Christmas manicure and my nails are too long and claw-like, so I'm not terribly happy about my swatches, I'll try to reswatch it on the lenght I'm wearing now that suits me much better. Pictures!

The blurry ones are sparkle check, as usual. This is insanely sparkly, I wish I had sunlight for swatching this babies! But Murphy says the sun will disappear right on time to swatch the rest of Sparkle collection. :P I hope not though, we had pretty sunny days lately. Cold as hell, but sunny!
Anyway, this is a part of Nubar Spring Collection 2010, which surprised me a bit, because we don't usually get such a bold collection for Spring! Totally awesome, Nubar! I applied three coats, for 100% opacity. Fire Sparkle is tons smoother than Violet Sparkle! I applied one coat of SV on top and it was already totally smooth. Cool! I have nothing more to say about this. It's a beauty and I think you should have it if you're into sparkles and red polish. Personally I cherish every sparkly/glittery red that isn't a wannabe Ruby Pumps. 

What do you think about Fire Sparkle? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Claw like? Your nails look great and that polish is amazing! You wear it very, very well.

  2. Beautiful!! I think I need this collection :)

  3. Beautiful! Reds aren't me usually, but I can see this one go into the cart when I decide to order from Nubar :) And for the record, I think it looks stunning with your nail length - not claw-like at all, your nails has a gorgeous shape :)

  4. znaš otkad već gledam ovaj lakić?...nema druge,morat ću ga kupit :-)

  5. Mina, me too! :)

    KrisInPhilly, thank you! :)

    rmcandlelight, I think you do to, I know I'm over the moon about it. :D

    Jette, thank you. :) And yes, it's quite a unique red, so I think also non-red fans would gladly wear it. :) It has plenty of oomph. :)

    Nina, se mi je zdelo,d a ti bo všeč. :D

    Nail crazy, stvarno nema druge! :) I neće ti biti žao, obečavam!

    Hvala za komentarje/Thanks for the comments!

  6. ooh, that's beautiful! And so perfect for Christmas :)

  7. Thank you! :) And yes, I agree, that's why i wore it on Christmas day. :)

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    but I can see this one go into the cart when I decide to order from Nubar :) And for the record, I think it looks stunning with your nail length.