Tuesday, 28 December 2010

7 Q, 7 A, 7 blogs

Hey! Nail crazy tagged me a couple of day ago for another game! And I always like to play, so here we go ...

7 things I have to do before I die:
- finish my studies
- see Dylan Moran and Eddie Izzard performing live
- get on my own
- work my belly into a flat little thing that is not right now
- see whales. lots of them, live and close
- read tons of books. i always feel i'm not reading enough
- visit all the countries on my list. Which is half of the world, I'd say

7 things I say all the time
- wrong! or that's so wrong!
- damn (not very polite, I know, but I never said I'm a lady :P)
- ja valda / means: yeah, suuure, with big pile of sarcasm
- kaj? / means what? because I either don't hear people talking to me or my mother is shouting something from other rooms in the house

- darling
- i'm hungry
- i'm going to do my nails now

7 things I am good at
- naming the polish shades from the top of my head. If I had such a good memory for other stuff ...
- eating
- making salad
- making tea and coffee
- swimming
- fantasizing
- organizing stuff, if i don't panic

7 flaws
- really impatient

- quite moody 
- when i want something, i'm not keen on letting go at all, even if it's really not happening
- i can be really sarcastic and cynical
- i eat too much
- always late
- i sleep for too long

7 qualities 
ok, this one is really hard, i feel very arrogant writing this 

- i really care deeply for people around me 
- i love to laugh and make people laugh
- i'm not competitory (it can be a problem at my college)
- sympathetic
for more you should ask people that know me, I guess. :)

7 blogs /bloggers/ to answer the same

- Kaneli
- Biba
- Lalica
- Sonidlo
and eveyone who'd like to answer! :)


  1. Zanimivo branje ;)

    Pa hvala za tag!

  2. Biba, me veseli, meni ni bil preveč všeč moj izbor. :D In malenkost! :)

    You're welcome, Sondilo, not a problem at all. :)