Saturday, 25 December 2010

New polish project! Sparkle away!

Hello people! How was your Christmas eve? I hope you had tons of fun. We have such a hangoverish weather in Ljubljana, I feel like sleeping and nothing else. I slept for so long, I dare not even write the hour of my awakening. ;) 
Anyway, as I drink my last sips of coffee and think about making another cup, I can tell you a bit more about Latvia project that I've mentioned in one of the posts already. As said, I'm thinking about taking a break from it, and that's just bottles before the entire set (the ones that we gave away are obviously not included for I never even opened them). Frankly, I'm a bit sick of blue colour and that's basically all that is left. And I'm so sick of it, not even my blue holographic China Glaze doesn't look too appealing to me right now. That's some sort of crime, isn't it? Let's see what's left of P:L.

From L to R: China Glaze 2NITE, OPI Holiday Glow, OPI Russian Navy Suede, Kinetics Sinful, Kinetics Blackout.

You already got a sneak peak of Sinful and I know it's a gorgeous colour, and Blackout is on my WL of Kinetcis, so I'll get to them soon, I guarantee it, but I am in total sparkle mood lately, and this next "project" has Sparkles with a big S. I don't know why I call them projects, probably because it's always a big pile of polish that I got at once and so I see them as "special groups" or something. 
But anyway, about the Lativa project. I got to know a few brands that I've never even heard of them, like Kinetics, or just knew them breafly, like SpaRitual, or changed my opinion on a brand, like Jessica, or got my heart broken like with Nubar's Indigo Illusion. I got some of my major lemmings, like DS glamour, DS tapestery, DS extravagance, China Glaze's gorgeous Wagon trail, China Glaze's Watermelon Rind ... and of course put quite a few on my WL, since they're not mine, they're Tevta's. :D 

The ones, that really pop out for me are SpaRitual's Mood, that is just supreme, O.P.I.'s Glacier Bay Blues and DS glamour, Kinetics Magnificent and My Blue Heaven and Nubar's Teal Glitter. If I only needed to list my top of the tops. The biggest surprise for me is Kinetcis. I really love their brush and the colours are just stunning. Although I had some problems with SpaRitual brush some colours took my breath away and I still have quite a few on my WL. So all in all a very nice score with these babies.

Oh, before I forget - if you wish to see any of the upper five shades, let me know and I will swatch them. It is not a problem! I promise I'll do the layering Sinful + Midnight Blue Glitter, as said on the MBG post, and I will get around them sooner or later, but if you're wondering about certain shade now, let me know. :) 

To the next project after the click. Sparkles!!!

The next project is called Tevta's Bday. She had her birthday in the end of November, and of course got tons of nail polish. :) I think it's around 35 bottles. And knowing that in this large bunch of bottles there are some of my biggest lemmings of all time, she was so incredibly kind to lend them to me for a try out! Wiii! We don't want another Indigo Illusion, do we? ;) I hope they'll meet my expectations so I can order them for myself too. :) Here are two pictures of what you can expect in the future on the blog:

 Upper row from L to R: Prevail, Raspberry Truffle, Torrid Red, Fire Sparkle and Night Sparkle.
Bottom row from L to R: Verde, Violet Sparkle, Sapphire, Vino and Petunia Sparkle.

 China glaze: Jolly Holly, Little Drummer Boy, Peace On Earth.
Color Club: Snakeskin and Wild At Heart.

We could also call this Nubar&Co project. :D Here you have so many of my lemmings I felt the urge to jump around from joy in the cafeteria were we sat down as she gave me these. :)) I'm really really spoiled and lucky when it comes to nail polish, don't you think? 

Now, any special wishes? Do you want to see any of them so so much you'd like to see them right away if possible? :D Let me know! 

And if you have a favourite from Latvia project, I'd love to hear which one it is? Any of them fell on your WL? :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. omg 35 bottles of nail polish for her bday! ^^ lucky her!

    & lucky u for babysitting them ^^

  2. Hey Lara! Hehe, yes, I know, we're both lucky. :D And total nail polish freaks. :D Thanks for the comment!