Sunday, 5 December 2010

Dear St. Nicolas/Santa/Grandpa Cold/Nail-polish Fairy etc.!

Hey everyone! How are you doing? It's freeeezing cold, but I do have my cup of coffee right here with me, and I want to share my this years letter to st. Nicolas with you. :) I don't know which person do you have a habit of writing to, in our family St. Nicolas was always the old man to bring us gifts (we call it Miklavž in Slovenia), although I think Santa Clause is getting much more popular with todays kids. We also had Grandpa Cold (I don't know if that's correct, it's literal translation), but st. Nicolas stuck.

Dear St. Nicolas!

How are you? I hope you'll dress up warm this night, because it will be one of the coldest, don't want you and your angels and devils to freeze to death while giving us presents. This year I've been a very good girl and since i'm all into green, I wish these things, if you'll be so kind. I'll stick to 5 items, as every year. 

From USA's BB Couture I wish to have
Bonnie, Caterpillar, Fuel Injector, Saturday Night Fever and Grenade, please.

-- What? Not feeling too green? No problem, my dear old man, we can go purple! 
You can bring me Michael, Carla, Dragon's Breath, Balboa Beach Bunny and Huckleberry Martini.

-- What's that? Not liking the purple this year either? Nicky, not a problem, here's the set of reds by BB Couture.
Tuxedo Night, Nightmare, Bullfighter, Horned Devil and Napa Valley Red.

-- Hm, ok, now I'm hearing words like 'insane', 'costs', 'bankrupt', 'not the only one in the universe' ... Ok, ok, I get it, they're expensive, lets go wallet friendly. 
How about a set of China Glaze? VII, Jolly Holly, Gussied Up Green, IDK and Bad Landing. Better?
Still too expensive? How about Color Club?  Revvvolution, Slow Jam, Wild At Heart, Gossip Column and Rule Breaker.

-- Oh man, now you're not feeling like travelling to the USA? Fine. You're getting old, I guess. Let's have a set of Illamasqua then.
Hectic, Phallic, Smash, Velocity and Boo!. Aaand before you get a heart-attact after seeing the prices, you can always get me an Eyeko set, because it's so darn cute, while you're in the UK, with Cosmic, Rain, Vampira, Military and Saucy and they're tons cheaper.

Ok, I've given you a lot of choices right there, and you can pick anything you want from this list, or look at my WL (on the computer, it's more up to date than blog one), and grab any OPI, Kinetics, Essie, RBL, Nubar or whatever you find easier.

With all my love, have a nice holiday, 


Ok, on more serious note, guys. This is (perhaps a bad) joke, I don't expect to get all of these. I wouldn't mind, but lets face it, these do cost an arm and a leg. :) It's just me showing my lemmings more clearly. This year is ending with strong lemming for BB Couture. The strongest! I'm deep into green polish worshiping, and BB Couture has the best greens I've ever seen. All the others are my usual lemmings, of course, I'm especially feeling a strong gap with Color Club, that I really need to fix, and I need Jolly Holly from China Glaze in my life ASAP. And I have a phase with Eyeko polish, because it's so darn cute. And some neat colours they have too. 
Anyway, the point of my babbling around this is partly my lame attempt to entertain you and partly because I want to know what your letter to nail-polish fairy would be like! Or whoever you feel like writing to. :) You can pick any 5 polishes you like, if you can't break it into brands, like i did (because I really couldn't pick just five polishes to save my life ...). 

After the click I'll show you my early holiday present from my darling. :) Yes, it's a nail-polish! ;)

So before I depart and shut up, I must admit, I already got an early Christmas/NY/whatever present. :) A co-member of our favourite beauty forum and nail-polish junkie with great nails that comments under the name Nina on my blog, was selling a couple of her beauties. I grabbed Sinful Colours - Show Me The Way, but calculated that the BB Couture would be just too expensive for my wallet right now. And being the big mouth that I am, I was chatting with my boyfriend and mentioned it to him. And he told me I can take it that he'll buy it as an early present. No, you can't have him. ;) So here to introduce, my very first BB Couture, the gorgeous, the perfect Universal Joint.

Isn't it just perfect?? I adore it. Flawless application, I could do it with my eyes shut. This is three coats, just because I wanted to see if the colour changes with the third one, otherwise it's a two coater if you're not too
clumsy and uneven the layer. It dries superfast, you wouldn't need SV, unless in a real hurry. 

The second early present I got yesterday, a very awesome surprise by my two friends, who bought me a ticket to a concert on Tuesday that will probably be just totally awesome, I can't wait. :) So - thank you!

So yeah, long chat did we have again. :) I hope you found it fun enough to write me the letter in the comments, and do share your opinion on Universal Joint. :) 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Tvoje pismo Miklavžu... *lol*

    Drugače pa lepotec ta BB couture... Jaz pa na svojega prvega še čakam :D

  2. BB Couture <3 Unfortunately, I only have 5 of them. =( It's so unfair that their price went up when they changed their bottle size into a smaller one.

  3. uf vidjela sam neke bb couture i rado bih nekog, uglavnom u plavim nijansama, stvarno nisam ljubitelj zelene pa mi se ovaj ne svidja

  4. Can I borrow your St. Nicolas? I need lots of new polishes too. :D

  5. Kod mene je lista želja još duža...mislim da bi Svetom Nikoli brada izgorila kad bi je ugledao :-)
    Ako upali i ipak dobiješ koji...sjeti se mene,i ja sam bila dobra (da samo znaš koliko :-P)

  6. oh, thank you saint Nicholas, for my bbc's...(got a notice from customs today).

    ah, to think that today 2 years ago my first OPIs arrived...funny how time flies when you are having fun :P

    (Overall Beauty has a sale, but is not buy 1 get 1 free, as the one last month).

  7. Biba, me veseli, da sem te zabavala, namen je izpolnjen. :D

    Surrender, hey, welcome to my blog! :) You got 4 more than me still, so it's not too bad. ;) Although I know what you mean, I want around 30 of them still and the list keeps on growing.

    Lendoxia, BB Couture ima sve boje stvarno savršene, tako da se nađe za svakoga nešto. I za mene sve. :D ;)

    Gejba, I'm not sure if St. Nicolas is talking to me at all for the next couple of years, seeing my list. :D You can try though. ;)

    Nail crazy, nažalost nije upalilo, ali ako koje godine bude, hoču javit. ;)

    Erzebeth, darling, you probably got all THREE of my lists of BB C. :D You must take a photo, it will be mesmerizing. :D And yeah, remember, when I told you I only have 6 reds at home? haha!

    Thank you for the comments!/ Hvala za komentarje!

  8. sretan Sveti Nikola :)
    lak je jako lijep, ali ja preferiram malo jace zelene :D

    dobra stvar je sto ovaj wish list mozes iskoristit za Bozic/Novu Godinu :D

  9. Da, kot Universal Joint zelenu bazu prekrije copper-nešto jak duocrome, ali je meni fantastično, izpadne kao neka murky zelena. :D

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