Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Kinetics - Magnificent

Hello darlings! How are you on this blah day? I won't even complain about my headache, because I do it in every other entry and you probably already get the picture. Luckily the painkiller is slowly kicking in. Other than that is has been a hard week so far, quite a few bad news from the family, although it had it's moments. Right now I'm really not in a festive mood, I hope that changes. But I don't want to put you down, so lets move on to the nail polish! Another from Project Lativa, another from Kinetics and another kickass polish. I'm in love with Kinetics, really, so far it has turned out to be an amazing brand.

Magnificent is probably one of the best in the Latvia project, it looks and feels like a good mixture of With Abandon from Color Club and Wagon Trail by China Glaze. It has the similar idea as W.A. and similar shimmer/micro glitter as Wagon Trail. In the bottle it doesn't look too promising, since it's really goldish, but on nails it turns out to be this kickass darkish polish with sparkles that really got me mesmerized, like really, sometimes I felt like an idiot, staring at my nails. 
Again, the little glitter was extremely hard to capture, I tried my best, did tons of photos and it did pop out on a few. But you need to enlarge the pictures to see it, I left them big for that reason.

Oh, and before we go to Magnificent, I have to show you what I found completely by accident! I'm so in love with this ring I have to share it with you! I was buying a present for a friend of mine and saw this cameo brooch. I must admit, I'm a huge cameo jewellery fan, I adore it. OK, I don't like all the motifs, but the classical ones I adore. And when I saw it I just had to ask if they had other cameo jewellery too. And luckily I had this really cool shop assistant there to help me and showed me everything with the cameo motif in the shop. The earrings (my weak spot!) were only in this amber colour, but the ring stole my heart and just had to go with me. So the first picture is the ring, not the nails, and then I'll really give you nail swatches. :) 

Like I said, it's better if you enlarge them, to see the details more clearly. This is a two coater that dries extremely fast, I didn't even used Seche Vite. I'm avoiding SV, if it's possible, because it sometimes makes the manicure look worse, since it's already so thick. But to Magnificent - I have nothing to complain about. The brush is a perfection for my nails, wider and flatter as it is, the colour really magnificent (sorry for the lame play of words). I'll try to make a comparison with With Abandon and Wagon Trail, because I'm curious about how close did I get with the hunch. 

What do you think, am I close? Do you like Magnificent? 

Thank you for reading, have a nice evening!


  1. naravno da mi se sviđa :-)
    imaš i wagon trail...umrijet ću
    i da,imam i glavobolju...nešto je divlje u zraku :-p

  2. O, ja! Lajk!

    Upam, da glavobol čimprej mine...

  3. Zelo sta mi všeč tako lak kot prstan. <3

    Upam, da se danes počutiš že boljše. :)