Saturday, 25 December 2010

SpaRitual - Can You Dig It? second try and BB Couture Spring Collection sneak peak (tnx Lextard!)

Ok, darlings, I've tore the one extra long post into two. I didn't liked the length of it and I'm sure you wouldn't either. It's mostly pictures, yes, but still, I felt it was a bit much.


I wasn't happy with my Can You Dig It swatches, because the base colour disappeared completely, and I think that the ones with smaller nails (or better application moves) can pull it out, so here you have it. One coat + two coats swatch, with such a horrible application I feel like I owe SpaRitual a letter of apology for posting these.

And now a sneak peak of new BB Couture Collection called Wild West that Lextard posted on her blog and kindly allowed us to repost the pictures! She has really nice pictures and an awesome blog altogether so don't forget to check her out (although I'm sure you already did :))!

left to right top row: Pistol Packin' Mama, Laced Corset, Wrangler
left to right bottom row: Frontier Woman, Saloon Girl, Belle Starr
left to right top row: Outlaw, Posse, Sundance
left to right bottom row: Gunfighter, Rustler, Bandito

Being a big BB Couture fan these news made my day! The pictures are not really colour accurate, as Lextard warns us, buuut as we all know, BB Couture is into the details and I can't wait to see the swatches! I have to get Laced Corset, if not for anything else, for the name. And the green, doh! I'm still not sure about the men part of the collection, from the bottles only Outlaw and Posse look promising. But we'll see!

What do you think about Can You Dig It, looks better now? And about BB Couture new collection?

Have a nice Saturday evening & thank you for reading!


  1. tale Sparitual je pa kar simpatičen za rjavkota( ne maram preveč rjave barve)=).

    Kolekcija pa zgleda kar obetavna, še posebej Laced Corset in Outlaw. Komaj čakam da vidin swatche =).

  2. Hm ... zanimivo. BB Couture me tokrat ni "vrgel". Tudi Can you dig it ne.

    Morda sem še vedno pod vplivom pravkaršnjega naročila lakov (tudi BB).

  3. colorfulbottle, jaz tudi! Stekleničke me sicer niso preveč impresionirale, ampak je kar slaba fotka.

    Nina, uuuu, upam, da vidimo v NP temi! ;) :D

    Hvala za komentarja!