Thursday, 2 December 2010

NOTD Kinetics - My Blue Heaven

Hey everybody! How was your day? Mine was supergreat aaand when I opened my blog just now, I saw I have 60 followers, wooow!! Thank you so much! :)) Today I have another Kinetics beauty to show you. Meet the adorable My Blue Heaven. 

 Extremly strong light.

Softer light, polish goes darker, but is still blue.

First three pictures are how polish looks like most of the time, the last two I took just to show you the extremes. Anyway, I think this is one of the most adorable blue colours I've ever seen, 'cute' is what I think of when I look at my nails, although it does give some elegance to my hands too, fitting my skin  tone perfectly.  Oh, if anyone is interested - it's a part of Luxury Adventure Collection, that consist out of 8 colours, I even see one green in there, mmm!

It's a bit thicker than Magic Wand, but My Blue Heaven is a two coater. I did three coats for one reason only - my hands are terribly shaky today, I just couldn't make an even layer, I even had to remove everything from one of my nails, and that didn't happen to me in months. I don't know what's my problem today, but I even had problems with taking pictures because of it. Oh well. Otherwise a two coater for sure, brush is totally awesome, it hugs my entire nail. Drying time is really fast, I thought for sure I smudged my pinky, touching corrector pencil, but it was already dry.
And for all those who think my nail-lenght is an abomination, worry not, it's only a phase. Every once in a while I really like my nails long but it's never a permanent thing. If nothing else, one breaks, sooner or later. 

What do you think about My Blue Heaven? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like it too! And I want your Blue Heaven, oh my! It's a-ma-zing!

  2. uh ovo bi definitivno bio i moj heaven :)

  3. oh I like this color! how many coats did you have to use? I always like colors like this....a but not super in your face but still an attractive color

  4. Wow, savršeno :) Like like like.. ;)

  5. O ... najčudovitejša modra. <3

  6. Thank you all for the compliments!/Hvala vsem za komplimente!

    shortandwidenails, welcome to my blog! I think we haven't talked before, right? :) I've written under the pictures that I used three coats, but only because my hands were shaking so badly, otherwise this is a two-coater for sure. :)

    Splattergirl - dobila sem ga v swapu iz Latvije. :) Al može se ga i bliže naći. ;)

    Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!