Monday, 13 December 2010

SpaRitual - Muse

Evening everyone! How are you doing? I'm totally late with this one, I was planning to write it down before my dance classes, but got occupied with preparing lunch, so yeah, here it is at almost 11 p.m.. I successfully lost my glove on the way home. I bought a new pair not 14 days ago. Must be my personal record. It's absurd how often I lose them. And my cuticles will not be happy about it, so I must buy another pair pronto. Again. ;) Oh well. Glove makers have to make money somehow. But now to another SpaRitual in my Latvia swap box. It's called Muse. The pictures!

Sparkle check. You may need to enlarge this one to see that Muse actually has soft, subtile sparkles.

In my book this is a "safe" colour. To wear on some important bussiness meeting, where you're not sure how will they react to bright pink holo colour or neon green. Or for oral exam in college, where I'd wear it. So it's a very subtle, elegant colour on your nails. I actually liked it. Cute. I got bored of it in a day, obviously, but still, useful colour!
This was three coats, and you can see just how damage my cuticle on my middle fingure was. It's tons better now (these pictures were taken three days ago, but the lack of time and Cheryl from Zoya kept me from posting it), but still not 100%. BTW, Zoya Cherly is a TOTAL bitch to remove! I almost lost my nerves today, and i'm used to all kinds of PITA removal. Man, it got personal at one point. 

But anyway, what do you think about Muse? Would you wear it at all? What's your "safe" colour?

Thank you for reading, have a good night!


  1. Ampak je res safe color. :) Si uporabila folijo za odstranjevanje? Ker to ti olajša res veliko dela. :)

    Te Sparitual lake sem ravno en dan gledala na, stanejo pa slabih 12€ = grrr. :/

  2. definitivno sigurna i kao takva ne pretjerano zanimljiva, nije bas da pazim kako lakiram nokte kad idem na usmene, doduse pazim da je sminka na licu sto jednostavnija i neupadljivija

  3. It's definitely a safe color. I feel like you could do some fun stamping on it with black though.

  4. Ivana, uporabila sem vse kar se v foil method uporablja, razen folije. :( Joj, trapasto, vem, samo ni se mi ljubilo še tega iskat, pa sem potem drago plačala, čeprav sem vatke precej dolgo imela na nohtih.
    12€?!?! Ojej! Potem naj pa se še kdo pritožuje, da ne kupujemo lakov v Sloveniji. o.O

    Lendoxia, i ja. Ali kad imam baš neki razgovor na fakulteti, pogledam da bar nemam nekakvog opasong glittera na noktima. :)

    Rachel Marie, welcome to my blog! Perhaps, yes, I still didn't manage to get to all this stamping business, but someday, when I'll have more time. :D

    Hvala za komentarje!/Thank you for the comments!