Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Jessica - Divine Pine

Hello everyone. How are you doing on this such a cold day? I've been feeling so-so whole week long, but this morning when I woke up my throat and head gave me official note saying that I'm ill. Yay. Not! So I'm feeling pretty crappy, painkillers won't work for my headache and my throat pain is making me be really quiet - not that my family complains much about the last result of my sickness. ;) Anyway, enough with complaining, on to the polish. It's a dark green creme that I'm bound to love, this time only in three pictures, I'll tell you later on why.

Divine Pine is a vampy green colour that still remains green most of the time to my eyes, unless the lighting is really soft, but I've heard from most people while wearing it that I'm wearing plain black. So yeah ... I don't know, I still see green in it when I look at my nails, even now when I layered glitter over it (my next manicure that I have to show you, it's my new love!), but I'm guessing "non-polish-freaks" won't see the difference from reactions around me. Truth be told, it is one of those polishes that do get black quite fast, it's not in the range of Illamasqua Rampage, or RBL Recycle or BB Couture Poison Ivy and so on that keep the greeness no matter what, but it's not Zoya's Envy i'm-dark-green-only-under-really-strong-light either, it does have more green in it! So yeah, I'm loving it. :) 

Now, to the reason for three prictures only. I'm not satisfied with my application on this one and it's not Jessica's fault, it's my Seche Vite. It's been getting thicker for a while now, but with this one it really became pain in the butt, probably because everything shows on a creme. I had really hard time applying it nicely, even with whole brush un-wipened and because SV dries so fast, every stroke started to show. I have two thick layers of SV on my middle finger, I actually thought I'll have to remove the polish off it to correct the manicure. And, I'm not sure if you can tell from the swatches, SV got infected. It has tiny tiny dusty shimmer in it, which doesn't really show most of the time, when I'm wearing glitter or shimmer, but it sure as hell does on vampy creme. It pissed me off too. And I don't really know how that happened, because I wipe the brush every single time before dipping it into the bottle again, on a piece of paper that I have prepared just for cleaning top coat brush. Sure, I can't do it really well, because I must pay attention to the drying SV in the opened bottle, but still. I wasn't really happy when I saw my creme manicure isn't really creamy. But yeah, Tevta warned me about fast thinckening of SV - and I'm not even halfway through the bottle - so I was prepared for it. Seche Restore to the rescue, I guess. Although I'm thinking about trying out Poshe, they say it's even better than SV. We'll see. 

So anyway, do I have anything else to say about Divine Pine? Two coats, really nice application. That one surprised me a bit. My first Jessica I tried was Midday Rendezvous and that polish was old as me, perhaps a few years less, but still, quite old for a nail polish. And the brush of that sucker was soooooo unbelievable thin I lost my nerves applying it. Not regular thin, almost nail art thin. So I decided to stay away from Jessica, before I really check their brush. Thankfully Divine Pine has a really neat brush, still thin, but normal, and it was very nice to apply polish with it. Drying time is very fast, actually, that's why I regreted it even more that I put SV on top, but I was in a hurry and didn't want to smudge the polish. 

Ok, enough talking. :) It's a dark green colour, what's not to love? I really like it, Jessica is back on my radar!
Do you like it? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. zamisli,meni se i ova boja sviđa :-)
    bar mi nije teško ugoditi :-p

  2. Upam, da boš kmalu bolje! Veliko čaja in podobnih zadev ;)

  3. nail crazy, hehehe, tvoja WL mora biti stvarno duga. :D

    Biba, hvala! Je že bolje, k sreči je bila prehodna zadeva. :)

    Hvala za komentarja!