Wednesday, 27 October 2010

NOTD China Glaze Month - Bad Landing

Hey everyone! I just want to say: w-o-w, I have 30 followers! The number made my otherwise bad day brighter, thanks alot for the support, y'all! :) 

Like I said, I felt a bit of post-travel sadness yesterday and I felt like wearing something totally not-me and really bright. When I feel like that, I go trough the other end of the shoe box, because I sort the nail-polish after my taste, and at the very end stand those that don't catch my eye at all. But every once in a while, I want something completely different, and thus I picked Bad Landing. In the bottle it looks almost orange, and so bright, it hurts my eyes. What I really like about it is, that it changes colour depending on the lighting. I tried to capture that with flash and different lighting, and sort of picked a few shades. It goes from almost orange, to really warm cherry red with shimmer to being a tad bit pinkish because of the soft red-pink shimmer that it has. 

 With strong flash, you can see the orange side of it.

 This is outside, in cloudy weather, where it's bright red. It's like this most of the time, I guess, with the shimmer, that it's not visible on this picture, but one can see it on the nails.

This is also flash, just softer, and you can see the red/pinkish shimmer, that adds the warmth to the red colour. 

Judging by the looks my friends and family give me (can't wait to see the expression on my BF's face :D), they think this colour is really a no-no, but here's the weird thing - I totally like it. Although it's a bit too sheer, I can still see my nail under three coats, has alot of orange in it and even pinkish shimmer. Go figure.

What do you think? :)

Thanks for reading!


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  2. ne mogu rec da mi se svidja, izgleda kao da je smiksano sve sto se mozda i ne bi trebalo miksat

  3. Za tega pa sploh še nisem slišala... Meni je všeč, itak so mi vsi rdeči laki všeč :D

  4. Ja...Včasih te lahko potolaži samo živ lak :)

  5. Lendoxia, pa i sama sam se iznenadila jer se mi sviđa, u teoriji nije ni blizu moje boje. :D

    Biba, jaz sem tudi velik ljubitelj rdečkotov, teh se nikdar ne naveličam. :)

    Katkoc, to je pa več kot resnica! Ali polepšajo zelo siv dan. Potem me pa še čudno gledajo, ko poleti hodim okoli samo z vampy barvami, pozimi pa s samimi svetlimi, s holo efektom in bleščicami. ;) :D

    Hvala za komentarje!

  6. Hi, I live in Florida where sandals most of the time are a given, thus different nail polish, depending on the time of year. I ran across this post and have to laugh, because this is my all time favorite nail color! I get more compliments with this color than any other. I love it for the same reason you described. It changes color to match almost anything. For a long time it was discontinued, but I think they finally brought it back do to popular demand.

  7. Hey Jody! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Oh and yes, Bad Landing was an utter surprise for me! I didn't expect to like it half as much as I did, now it's on top 10 of my ChG wantings. :)

  8. The cheapest I have found it, was at Amazon for 3.50, with 2.99 shipping (I bought 6!)(3.99 each)Let me know if you find it in stores. I haven't so far. Here's the link: