Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Comparison: Catrice Plum Play With Me vs. O.P.I. Pamplona Purple

Hello! Had a good day? Mine was very nice, interesting classes, great lunch at spanish restaurant, good jogging hour. That's also why I'm late with this comparison! 
I've honestly never been so mistaken about a dupe before. I already moved Pamplona Purple off my WL, thinking Plum Play With Me is a total dupe. Think again!

 The minute I saw Pamplona Purple in the bottle, I knew I was wrong, it's alot warmer, there is much less blue in the colour mix, honestly, it almost looks pink, although on the nail it's a very beautiful shade of purple.

 Although the difference is very obvious, i still put the names on the pic. Direct sunlight.

 Direct sunlight. 

In a bright room, away from the sun.

As you can see, they are far from being dupes, the colours are totally different. But both gave me really hard time with the application, as you can see on my middle and ring finger. Pamplona is too fluent for my taste, PPWM too thick. I know,  I'm spoiled. But it really was a problem. Still, very nicely pigmented, two coats are more than enough. 

I need to thank Kaneli for lending me Pamplona Purple, she brought it all the way from Finland just to please my comparison caprice. :D Thank you!

And it looks like Pamplona Purple is back on the WL, ladies. ;) Which one do you like more?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Zato, ker si Pamplona Purple in Plum Play With me nista prav nic podobna, sem prav danes nabavila tole Catrice. ;) Mimogrede - kaj pa primerjava med Yasmeen in Poison me, Poison You!...? Na hitro se mi ta dva zdita precej podobna...

  2. Druga slikica je ful lepa! Jaz bi jih kar tako nosila, v različnih barvah...Meri bi bla zgrožena :)

  3. Katkoc, zelo zgodaj se spravljaš na moja prepričanja o barvah. :P

    Ampak ta kombinacija mi skupaj sploh ne zgleda slabo. Super bi bila kakšna ombre manikura z obema lakoma. :)

  4. Sori Meri :D

    Meni sta obe zelo lepi barvi!

  5. Kaneli, bomo zrihtal! Še enega Alessandorta imam v tej vrsti, v bistvu sumim na dupe Poison me, Posion you.

    Hehehe, barvi se med sabo kar super razumeta, ja se strinajm. Ombre manikura, Meri, pa me že nekaj časa mika, tako da ja, ni slaba ideja, samo da najdem čas. :D Se pa strinam, Katkoc, obe sta lepi, obe je treba imeti. ;)