Monday, 4 October 2010

My thoughts on ... Essie - Morticia's Nails

I just saw this on Essie FB page. Honestly, I want this, for nothing else, just because it's The Addam's Family theme and it's MORTICIA!! I love that woman. Anjelica Huston was the perfect Morticia for me, just look at her: 


Love the nail colour. ;) I can't find swatches of these three colours in the set, but there is a dark red, that I love, a dark blue, that I just possibly love and ... well, white. Names: Blood Curdling Red, Bone Chilling White, and Midnight Tango. Pale skin is 100% Morticia, I agree, but I don't get it, why the white nail-polish. But then again, black would just be too predictable. I think. ;) 

Essie BFF-ed with The Addam's Family Musical on Broadway for this one and the money from this limited edition (only 5,000 sets!) will go to Actors Fund. Each set costs 30 dollars, is available here and on Essie's offical website, although I can't find it there.

I can't stop singing the Addam's family song:

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
mysterious and spooky,
they’re all together ooky,
the Addams Family!
The house is a museum,
when people come to see ‘em,
they really are a screa-um,
the Addams Family
ta-da-da-dum *snap, snap*,
ta-da-da-dum *snap, snap*,
ta-da-da-da! *snap, snap*

That's the part that I remember. :) I totally totally LOVE the idea behind this! Come on, it's Morticia!!! The Addam's Family!! I love the cartoons and the movies! I totally want this. And it's LIMITED edition! Yes, I'm a sucker for theme-related nail-polish collections. If I dig the theme, I'll buy it. I'd have entire Shrek collection by OPI, if my guru wouldn't make me snap out of it and getting me only the Shrek one, thank god. :D 

What do you think about the collection? Are you an Addam's fan or not? :D

*snap snap*


  1. Darling, sorry to burst your bubble, but there IS a reason, why these went on the market in july and are still not sold (limited edition of 5000!).
    They are replication of older nailpolishes. Midnight Tango could be Midnight Cami, Bone Chilling White could be Blanc, Blood Curdling Red has some alternatives, I would say it is Wicked.

  2. *sigh* Figures. :/ They couldn't make an unique colour for Morticia!? That's a crime! Grr!

    But thank you for saving me some money. ;) Looking at Scrangie's Midnight Cami it looks an awful lot like Catrice It Blue My Mind, humpf ... But you're the expert on blue np.

    Blanc is a no no for me. White creme, I have no idea what would I do with it.

    And you know I love Wicked. :) But I just found comparison with RBL Atame and they are 100% dupes. Essies Limited Addiction is much better than Wicked, if I'd go with Essie's red.

    I guess I won't be getting Morticia's nails. :D Thanks for finding the "originals". :)

  3. As I said, sorry to burst your bubble (mine was burst with MAC VV :'''() we must face it, it all business, no love. I could not agree with you more, Morticia would deserve a whole collection of UNIQUE colors, not just a collection of previous nailpolishes.
    Let us contemplate: which colors and what names would you choose?
    I would make uncle fester - a dark green with a killer shimmer; cousin itt would be true brown with blue shimmer; wednesday would be grayish or white; thing would be totally flesh-like colour; and maybe a purplish color with the name of that carnivorous plant of Morticia.

  4. Uuu, a game, awesome! I'd make "Thorns are great this year", a bit darkish green with dark red sparkle/shimmer, because I love the scene where Morticia cuts off heads of roses and compliments the thorns.
    I'd make "What do we say? NOW!" for Wednesday, a really dark grey, with black or silver shimmer, can't make up my mind.
    Gomez Adams would be dark dark red, but not wine, more like that kind of red that's on fire, like Isla, only darker. I know it's not unique, but that's the colour I see because he just worships Morticia.
    Pugsley would be murky green with yellowish subtone and i'd probably hate it, but here it is.
    Ohhh, I love Thing! Flesh like colour sounds awesome, I think it would be best. I'd just dig to have a polish named Thing. U, and he'd totally need to be on the bottle!
    And Lurch, can't forget about him!! I'd name it "You raaang?" and it would be minty/pale blue polish with maybe bright green shimmer. I see him as a Frankenstein sorta creature.
    I'd make a dark blue colour for the Mansion, because I always loved their home.

    And I think you nailed Morticia and Uncle Fester, I'd like to order two of each when you start your nail-polish company, please, thankyouverymuch! :D

    Ok, my collection would be big. o.O And I'd paint the bottles with charecters and thorn roses without their heads and stuff like that, it would be cool to match the picture with the name!