Friday, 29 October 2010

Comparison: China Glaze - VIII vs. Avon - Midnight Plum

Evening! I just got home and am totally lazy, so what better than to show you this comparison I made while doing my NOTD? I was in the mood for something darkish, and when browsing through the shoe box I found VIII and thought it looked insanely like Avon's Midnight Plum that I got for my bday. I tried it on one finger, just to see, if I was right. See for yourself.

 This is the only picture on which I acutally managed to capture the miniature difference between the both. As you can see, Avon has a bit more red and China Glaze more blue in the purple. Otherwise they look the same.

 Again on direct sunlight, the difference is barely visible.

 Again direct sunlight. Can you tell the difference?

 Close-up, direct sunlight. 

Close-up, in a bright room.

With the exception of the first picture, I can hardly tell the difference between both shades, that is more obvious with the first coat. Midnight Plum colour has alot more red in it, it's also warmer, while VIII is totally dark purple, a real purple. With the second coat the difference is almost gone. You have to look really really *really* close and probably be a nail-polish freak to acutally spot the difference in the shades. I did the third one, just out of curiosity. It's the same as the second coat, so these two are two coaters, if you're not clumsy (which I was on a couple of nails). 

I can't really say they're dupes, since the minor difference does exsist, if you look for it really hard, but I think they make a fine substitutes of each other. Especially since - and this is a let-down for me - they look black if I'm not in a room with a strong light or standing out on the sun. Right now it seems like I have a black creme on my nails (with an addition on my ring fingers, but still), and not that I mind black nail-polish, but if I want to have a vampy purple colour on my nails, I still want it to be purple. 

I don't think I need them both, Avon will do. About other stuff: brush is flatter and wider in Avon's nailwear pro line, but I love China Glaze brush, it's never problematic, so I can't say who's the winner. Avon is available only through the catalouge, I think it's around 5€ for 12 ml. Bottle looks boring, and the handle isn't to practical, it's really smooth and square like. China Glaze in Slovenia, as you know, for 9€ on or ebay for whatever bargain you get, for 14 ml. The bottle is cute and handle easy to deal with. Drying time on both was good, but I used Seche Vite on top, as usual.

What do you think about the comparison, are they close enough for you? :) Do you like/own any of them?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great comparison. Sadly, even if you prove my whole collection of vampies to be a variation of three colors, I would still keep them all and maybe buy some more! This CG is so versatile and nice to wear - especially now, in fall. And the formula, as I recall, is nice too.

  2. Hehe, don't get me wrong, you know I'm a vampy colour fan 100%. And, wearing it, I'm actually thinking of putting it on the WL, because I *am* a nailpolish freak and do see the slight difference between the both. And you can't have enough vampy np, can you? And you're right, the colour is so nice for autumn, I can't get sick of it and the application is one of the best. I can't tell you how much I dig China Glaze.

  3. Me je ravno zanimalo kje kupiš CG lake in sem dobila odgovor ravno v tem postu.
    Vedno kupuješ samo tam in ali se ti ne zdijo predragi?
    Hvala za odgovor :)