Friday, 1 October 2010

My thoughts on ... Fire and Ice by Zoya and China Glaze Holiday 2010

Yaaaay, Scrangie published Fire and Ice swatches! Couldn't wait for them! I've already talked about it, and don't know what was I thinking with Tiffany - yuck? Totally not my colour. Looked promising on the spoon, what can I say. Gloria doesn't look bad at all! On the verge of being too pink for me, but still a cute colour. Sarah I dig! Red sparkles, I can't complain. Valerie though ... man oh man, that's one beautiful colour. It goes straight on my top 20 list! Wonderful, seriously.

And I stumbled upon new China Glaze on Magic maid's blog! Now, China Glaze hasn't done much wow polishes for me this year. Some previously done collections are to die for, but not this year. I guess they're getting better with holidays! By looks of the bottles, I want at least 5 of them, with swatches I'll probably want a couple more. It's basically red and green collection, how can I resist? They have this cute little packages of different shades, but it's always with some shade, that I don't really like. But still, I totally wouldn't mind getting at least these:

 Actually I hate green Christmas, I love the snow, but this package (ignoring the champagne colour) is pretty damn awesome. :)

I totally love the way Sugar Plums looks in the bottle, and frankly, you can't get enough reds, although this red looks simply like a classic red, nothing big ... and you get a Reindeer, that's good enough reason for me to buy it. ;) 

These are not all that I want, there are still couple of greens missing, Magic Maid has them all nicely listed. What do you think about both collections? Will you be getting any of them, or is it "pass and full wallet" for you? :)


  1. Meni so Zoye vse všeč, sploh zaradi tega, ker se tako lepo bleščijo *lol*

    China Glaze pa me vedno navduši z jesenskimi kolekcijami, glede te praznične pa še nisem najbolj ziher...

  2. They all look so gorgeous, but I won't be able to get my hands on them. We don't get China Glaze here and hardly any nail polish etailers ship to India...

  3. Hehe, Biba, jaz bom pa kar ostala na dveh ali treh. :D Peachy in foil modre barve niso my thing. :) China Glaze ima res nekaj fenomenalnih kolekcij, in tale božična je zaradi dveh meni ljubih barv res zadetek v polno, upam, da swatchi ne bodo razočarali.

    Rhea, that's really too bad!! We too have hardly a good selection and even those labels that are in Slovenia are usually way expensiver than on ebay ... but at least we can grab anything we want, practicaly, from the net ... I still hope you'll get those that you like! :) Thanks for the comment!

  4. Zdravo!

    Imam eno vprašanje - kje dobiš CG lakce? Mene omenjena kolekcija konkretno matra, pa ne vem sploh kje naj iščem :(

  5. Živjo Tinchi! Priporočam ti spletno stran, na hitrico sem videla nekaj paketkov te zimske kolekcije in TD je super, ker ima res ugodne cene. V edini slovenski prodajalni CG pa očitno te kolekcije nimajo. :/ Lahko pa poskusiš srečo tudi preko ebaya. :)