Tuesday, 12 October 2010

O.P.I. - Romeo & Joliet

Hello on this ... head-achy, not-enough-sleep-yesterday Monday! :) How are you, had a good day? :) 
I'm happily trying out my new nail-polish, and Romeo & Joliet is just too perfect, I had to put it on as soon as possible. Sadly, something was funny with the brush. Like it was unkempt or something, the hair isn't straight and in order as it should be. I don't know what happend. I hope it was just a bad day and that I unfairly blamed it on the brush. ;) Because I had a bit more trouble with application than I'm used from OPI. I'll see when I try it the next time, and compare the brush with another OPI. 

But here it is, the gorgeous, the sexy, the WOW!!, Romeo & Joliet: 

I love it! It's a well behaved nail-polish, beside the brush problem, it gave me no trouble at all. It's really totally my colour, awesome, OPI! 

What do you think? :) Which OPI gave you the WOW!! effect? :)


  1. Ravno včeraj sem gledala Romea&Julijo. :D Tale je taka lepa jesenska barva. :) Btw krasne nohte imaš! <3

    OPI ima kar nekaj krasnih odtenkov - od klasičnih pa do res edinstvenih. Meni so trenutno najljubši MAAH in Extravagance, We'll always have Paris Suede,... In še bi lahko naštevala. :D O tem koliko jih imam na WL pa res ne bi. :P

  2. OMG je lep! Hočem ga!! :D

  3. Ivana, hvala za kompliment. :D Sicer se pa strinjam, o opijih bi lahko govorili cel dan, pa ne bi prišli čez vse res hude odtenke. Ah, tvoj Extravagance je fantastičen, moram ga spravit na WL ...

    Biba, prečudovit je, se strinjam. :D OPI's finest. :D

    Hvala za komentarja!

  4. Ta je pa res zelo lep <3