Tuesday, 26 October 2010

S-he 437 and a bit of Česká

Hello everyone! I'm back! I came home around 1 a.m. last night, slept until two p.m., missed my classes and so on. I was just too tired and I still am, with a bit of post-travelling depression that I always get after arriving home from a good journey. The trip was simply amazing, I loved it, Praha is just so beautiful I can't begin to describe it. And nothing there was a problem, public transport is unbelievable good and cheap, prices are decent (except for Krtek puppet, but let's not go into that ;)), people are nice (the little contact we had with them in a day), hotel was amazing and all in all a wonderful experience. We also visited Krivoklát castle, that I'll show you later on, because in my opinion it's just amazing and isn't mentioned often enough, and of course Žatec, where the concert happened, but we didn't have time to wander around, the hotel was quite good, and the little town that we saw, nice.

But now on to the manicure that travelled with me. I did a comparison with this S-he and immediately fell in love with it, it's GORGEOUS!

 Inside capture, as usual it's a bit blurry, my camera doesn't do inside pictures, go figure, effing diva!

 Direct sunlight with awesome sparkle.

A bit blurry, but you can really see the sparkles on this one, it's quite sparkly!

Two coater, as S-he usually is, it gave me no trouble at all, the brush was great, drying time I cannot estimate, because I put Seche Vite on top, since I needed it to last for four days. It's an awesome colour, I love it. 

And to show you Krivoklát castle. It's around 30 km west of Prague, if I remember correctly, and totally worth seeing. I wish we'd have the time for a guided tour, but sadly we didn't. Still, the castle is amazing. I'm a *huge* castle fan, I love them, and if there's a chance, I'll go and see as many of them as I can. This one also has interesting souvenir shops and I totally recommend that you try (and buy) their mead, it's yummy! 

 You can enlarge the picture.

 Keys!! I love this kind of keys, old fanshioned and huge and unique with carvings and so on. It's a shabby picture, my batteries were running low and I was in a hurry to take it.

The gorgeous earrings my boyfriend bought me. <3 They were selling all kind of black glass jewellery on Prague Castle, claiming to be the only family that still uses original raw material for this traditional czech jewellery. It was full of jewellery that just screamed goth to me, I wanted to by everything!! My boyfriend is a bit sceptical about their veracity, he checked the glass if it's plastic or not (or wanted to, I didn't let him try with fire), but I couldn't care less if they're made of rubber, I absolutely adore them. I can't wear them though, untill I find the little caps that hold earrings in place, I lost too many of them already and these mean a lot to me for several reasons so I really don't want to lose them. I really wanted to buy a necklace too, but resisted. And I still regret it. I must go back for sure. :)

I didn't take much pictures of Prague, since there is alot of them already out there, I prefered to watch the city, it's beautiful, totally for my taste. And we didn't have much time (one day) so I didn't see everything and I really must and want and will go back. I really recommend it. It's also one of the most wallet-friendly capital cities I've ever been to. 
And because of lack of time I didn't buy one (!!) nail-polish! I know, what just happened?!?! I obviously looked for it everywhere I thought there is a chance that I'll find it, but we just didn't visit much stores that would keep nail polish. Oh well. If my info is correct, I'm about to recieve tons of nail polish anyway, but since I'm not sure, I won't say more on this subject. :) 

Uh, long post, I hope I wasn't too boring. What do you think about 437? And have you ever been to Česka and Prague? Did you like it? :) 

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. O super! Si kaj šopingirala? ;)

  2. Manikura je čudovita!
    Lepe fotke iz potovanja. Tudi jaz grem kmalu v Prago, vendar nisem prepričana, ali bom sploh imela kaj časa za oglede. :(

  3. Lep lak, tak dokaj klasičen. :) Uhani so pa sploh super! :P V Pragi sem bila enkrat, ampak bi šla takoj še, je res lepo mesto...

  4. Samo da si se lepo imela!

    Tale S-he mi je eden izmed lepših njihovih lakov.

    Pa ne morem verjet, da na potovanju nisi nobenega laka kupila ;)

  5. gr8. one day I have to share my "key file" - MEDIEVAL KEYS FROM MUSEUM ALL AROUND EUROPE. I guess we share the same addictions.

    And hurray, hurray for you cutsie pie of a boyfriend. <3 ME WANTS EARRINGS TOO hihi

  6. Goga, bolj malo, ene hlače, eno majčko, pa nekaj malenkosti. :) Ni bilo časa. :D

    Maestra, upam, da ti uspe. Pa čisto dobromeren nasvet - če boš že imela kaj časa, ti priporočam stari trg in praški grad, za Karlov most naj ti ne bo pretirano žal. Prevelika gneča.

    Biba, vem, se strinjam, meni tudi ni bilo jasno, kako mi je to uspelo. :D

    U, Erzebeth, I wouldn't mind seeing that file, I like old keys. :) Hehehe, yeah, he's a keeper. ;)

    Hvala vsem za komentarje!

  7. Wow, tale odtenek je fascinanten in prav nič klasičen.
    Glede krtek kolekcije se pa strinjam s tabo sicer sem dobila obesek za ključe je pa vseeno super luštkan ;)