Wednesday, 6 October 2010

China Glaze Month - BFF

Today's weather is a disaster. I love the rain, I really do, but there is rainy day and then there is just dead day. Dead gray, with the sky just spitting on you every once in a while in that way, that you are never sure if it's worth to bring out your umbrella or not ... hate it! Days like this I just want to sleep. 

So I wanted something bright on my nails. I picked another holo, BFF. Its purple holo and I really like it. My camera didn't though, but in this kind of lighting good pictures are nearly impossible, at least with my camera.
 --- And just as I was going to post them, I somehow, Lord knows that I don't, deleted them off the computer. Yay me. 

These are made with the rest od the photos, they aren't my favourite, but they will have to do. Cross your fingers I won't delete these too. o.O 

Under a strong light.


And the proof, that this really is a dead weather. Look what happens with this gorgeous holo purple polish outside. :/

So yeah, this is my NOTD. Hope it will cheer me up, I love the colour. ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Spomnim se, da je tale holo izgledal grozno na meni, čeprav vedno znova vidim, da je prav lep.
    Kar se pa vremena tiče ... jp.

  2. Meni je zelo všeč, ampak je DV8 res veliko lepši. Ostali me še čakajo. :D

  3. What is the brand and where do u get it I need some

  4. Anonymous, the brand is called China Glaze, but the entire collection is already hard to find. You can try ebay.