Thursday, 7 October 2010

Haul of the month! & O.P.I. Nevermore NOTD

Before I start with this post I'd really like to thank Biba for a wonderful surprise. Yesterday she told me I can keep the beautiful S-he she sent me to do Orly comparison with. Thank you, Biba, means alot and I'll gladly wear it, it is a great colour. :)

A friend of mine went to USA, and I couldn't miss the opportunity for some nail-polish bargain. I don't think the poor thing knew what it means to say to me "Sure, just give me a list with names.". ;) After painful reduction of my WL to only 8 or 9 bottles (minis not included) and a couple as a backup, in case the ones on the list weren't available, I got a reaction: baba zmešana!" (crazy wench). xD I don't think it would be wise to tell him my acutal WL is now over 150 with ignoring a couple of brands (yes, brands, not colours!). He really tried his best, and since I gave him a list of polish really sold out in the US, I honestly didn't expect him to come home with every single one of them. But he did! He's really a sweetheart. :)

The pic came out really cool, I totally didn't expect the reflection (otherwise I'd dusted the table first, lol).

I was so excited when he told me he got it! I got the description: Go Goth!, one green one and one purple one. I asked for 6 greens, I think, and but the only purple was Catherine The Grape and so I was überexcited and curious about the names. Go goth! is just a perfect packet for me, seriously. I fell in love with every one of the shades on swatches, I just had to have them. And minis are just so effing adorable. :))
I saw Tree Hugger from CG in the shoe box of China Glazes my guru gave me to try them out, and I immediately fell in love with it. It's an adorable green with green shimmer that looks amazing in the bottle, can't wait to try it on. But I was surprised to see it's a baby China Glaze!! It's not the regular size, it's smaller. Look:

It's far from being just a drop of polish, but still smaller than the usual CG! I didn't even know they come in smaller bottles.

The "purple" one is actually the beautiful Romeo & Joliet, the third from my "must have OPIs" list. Catherine, as he said, was completely sold out, so yeah. I don't mind one bit, I worshiped R&J on my nails. :)

And you know, I could make myself after getting Catrice and S-he and even MNY putting them on the shelf, picking a China Glaze over them. With O.P.I. I just couldn't. So here is O.P.I. Nevermore, my NOTD. I will shut up now, because the colour can't be described, it's so beautiful.

 Here the duochrome is slightly visible, maybe you'll need to enlarge the picture.

 On direct sunlight.

 Yes, blurry, but I like this picture. :) And can you see all the sparkles! Sparkles all the way! Blue, purple and pink, creating this amazing blue-purple duochrome finish and unbelievable gorgeous shade.

 Again on direct sunlight, blue coming out really strong.

 I love how it turned out on this one. It's totally beautiful.

 No sun, just outside. 

Pictures are clickable, as usual. This is really the low minimum of pictures I just had to show you, you don't want to know the acutal number of pictures I made. The polish is just unbelievable, I can't stop looking at my nails, and so I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. I'm completely in love with it.

But I am greatly disappointed with my manicure. My hands were shaking, since I was hungry (the side affect I get, what can I do) and the application was really uneven, it drove me nuts. I had to do three coats on most of the nails, even though this is a two coater. And the polish itself is really nice to work with. But my hands were really weird. And the middle finger gave me so much trouble I almost wanted to get a mirror and show it to itself. :P After three coats I did a large smudge, but was so fresh, I decided to do a fourth one, making polish even. Just as I fixed it, I scratched the nail surface with a nail on my right hand. Thus making me remove the polish altogether
And I love the name, Nevermore. It reminds me of Poe's The Raven, it's a total win. :) 

Anyway, I talk too much. What do you think about my choice of polish and Nevermore? :)

Thank's for reading!


  1. I do not know where to start; I am uber happy for you to get your own Go Goth - I received the one for Martina and am excited too :)
    second of all - BABY CHINA GLAZE!!! soooo cute!
    third - reflection - I know there are effects like that but still I remain a sucker for this kind of pictures- very nice

    and your nails - poetry
    (if you dislike Freddie, jump to 1:10 - this is what I think of when I hear "nevermore" (chills)


  2. Heh, ni za kaj! *blush*

    Drugače, pa VAU! Super pridobitve :D

  3. Krasne pridobitve. :) Nisem pa vedela, da ima ChG tudi bejbije. :))

  4. Erzebeth, thanks! :D And I know, baby bottles are always so darn cute, I'm a sucker for minis. :D Thank you for the compliments, when you say my nails are a poetry, I know I nailed it 100%. :D
    Dislike Freddie?? Dislike *Freddie*? Is that even possible, if you like music in general? :D I love Freddie and his voice and this song is beautiful, thank you! :)

    Biba & Ivana - hvala, jaz se jih tudi totalno veselim!! :) Ivana, vem, mene je čisto presenetilo. :D Je pa vseeno skoraj 10 ml steklenička, tako da šparajo ne. :D

  5. Romeo & Joliet sem po naključju odkrila pozimi v Jyäskyli. Odtenek je bil na razprodaji, menda je stal okrog 7€. :D Je pa res lep, na svojem blogu imam celo swatch. ;) Wiii, komaj čakam svoje gotičarčke - sem zanalašč prinesla ful malo svojih lakcev iz Finske. :P