Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Parokeets are rocking with numbers


Yes, our Parokeets ladies have prepared another challenge for us! Klick me! I've been their follower for a while now and have voted for my favourite MU & manicures, but now that I'm doing this little blog of mine, I've decided to accept the challenge. And boy oh boy, is it a challenge alright! I'm really not close with numbers. So I had to think really hard about what should I do for my manicure, especially since  I'm not a konad fan and had to work with other stuff. At last an idea has come and today I tried and, hopefully, succeeded. Tomorrow it goes to Parokeets mailbox and hopefully they'll like it and bare with the fact  that I'm more of a philosopher than a mathematician. ;) You should join, it's really super-fun and the prize is more than nice! 

Great job, Parokeets, it really was a challenge! :)

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