Saturday, 9 October 2010

China Glaze Month - Robotika

Hei everyone! I still can't remove the beautiful Nevermore off my nails so I've decided I'll show you another China Glaze that I tried out few days ago. It's very unusual for me, not really in the sphere of my colours but the weird part is, I liked it on my nails. It would be tons better if I used ridge filling base coat, I acutally have Fill the gap! at home, but just didn't think of it. And this is just *one* coat, I'm not kidding!


Yep, just one coat. I guess this really is perfect for konad, since it's incredibly pigmented. It dries superfast and all in all is incredibly simple to do a mani with this one. I had it done in like 5 minutes. Tip wear is of course a bit more obvious the next day already than with other, two, three coaters + top coat, since I really had just one coat of polish on my nails. I'd recommend ridge filling base coat (or buffing, if you do that), beacuse it really brings out every little mistake on the nail, having metallic finish. 

Anyway, I like it! I liked the way my hands looked with this one. Elegant, as silly as it sounds, but not boringly brown, since I'm not a brown colour fan. In certain light it sort of gets purplish subtone, then it reminds me a bit of Catrice's From Dusk To Down only with metallic finish. :)

What do you think, like or dislike? And what's on your nails today? :)


  1. Uf, meni pa tale ni preveč všeč. Za Konad ja, tako pa ... kaj pa vem ... ne preveč. Se pa strinjam ti laki so tako zelo enostavni za nanos in za hitre manikure. Res so super! Edino na nohtih ne smeš imeti preveč nepravilnosti, ker se vsaka malenkost pozna. Ti imaš krasne!

    A tebi Fill The Gap celo pomaga? Saj misliš tistega od Essie kajne? Meni ta od Essie ni preveč všeč in mi nohtne površine ne izravna kaj preveč. :S

  2. Fill The Gap (Essijev, ja) mi je ponavadi pomagal uravnati površino. Je pa res, da praktično ne nosim metallic finiša, tako da bi ga morda morala preizkusit v tej kombinaciji, da bi ga lahko pohvalila. Z ostalimi mi je naredil zelo lep, raven noht (sploh palca imam kar valovita).

    Za barvo pa tudi meni ni jasno, zakaj mi je všeč, ampak mi začuda je. :D

  3. What a wonderful colour ! I really could not take away my eyes from your pictures...

    ...and now I have to relearn my English - did not use it for a while... so my comment is very short. Sry

  4. Thanks, Bonny, for the compliment and the comment! :)
    If you'll feel better and more comfortable, you can write in German, it's not a problem. If you go trough comments on the blog, you'll see they're quite multi-lingual. :D Whatever is easier for you, I don't mind if it's English or German. :)