Wednesday, 20 October 2010

About nail-polish gurus and shoe boxes

Hey everyone. This post is long overdue, I've planned it for weeks. And today, although it's a beautiful day outside, I had to get up insanely early and just don't have the energy for swatching or jogging or basically anything, so I'll write this down. You see me mention nail-polish guru in every other post and I'm sure it's a little annoying, so I have to do a post that explains it. :))

I'm sure everyone has a NP guru. There is simple equation to see if you do. NP guru is a person, that knows ALOT about nail polish and nails, is willingly showing, lending, updating and sharing her pictures, polish, tips about manicure and so on. And, totally improtant, essential, really, has a kick-ass collection of nail-polish and nail related stuff. You have to try to learn and then to teach, right?

Now, you probably know a person or two like that, or even are one of them. :D Your guru can be a blogger, that you don't know IRL, a friend that you do know IRL, it's someone that made you fanatical about nail-polish in the first place, someone that made you write your wish list. :D Now I'm thinking about my mothers saying (imagine that with alot of sarcasm in the tone): yeah, like it's so hard to make a frog jump into water. ;) But I'm guessing for alot of people those persons are Scrangie, Michele from Lacquerized, VV, All Lacquerd Up blog etc.

But anyway, this is my definition of nail-polish guru, I guess it's a pretty logical one. My nail-polish guru goes in the internet world by the nickname Tevta and she's awesome. It's a fact. She has one of the most awesome nail-polish collection (500 bottles, though I wouldn't bet that it's not already larger, collection gets bigger every time we have coffee :D) and has reached over  the fanatic nail-polish lover border to a nail-polish collector status.  I'd love to pile all that nail polish and just organized it, can you imagine the amount of nail-polish?! Awesome! She almost has them all. And still has over 100 bottles on WL, which totally baffles me. :D Anyway, i've always loved long nails, nice manicures, when I was a kid my aunt always did a red stripe on my nails (the thin stripe was modern back then) and I walked around like the queen of the world. I don't think I ever bit my nails, I always wanted them long, I found that extremly beautiful. But I never thought of tons of colours that are out there until I saw Tevta's nails. Fanatism was reborn in even stronger shape and now it won't go away. :D 

And *the* shoe box. Tevta brings me a shoe box every once in a while. Looks innocent enough, doesn't it?

But when you open it, BOOM!

It's full of nail polish!! wiiiiiiiii!! The first time she did that (we went out for a cup of coffee) I almost fainted, all the awesome colours!! The ones that are out of the box are there because you can't fit them inside it, unless you lay them all in a pile in a box. Now they're organized by my likeness of the colour and those that I haven't tried out yet.

Here I have China Glaze, Orly and some other brands. All together around 50 bottles. I was shoeboxed with Zoya and OPI before blogging, OPI being the number winner, coming in smaller boxes too ... I had OPI in every room, it was heaven. ;) 
So basically, it's like goint to a store, choosing polish by bottle colour and then taking it home for a trial on your nails. That's how I'm building my WL, with combination of swatches  from other blogs  (and am emptying the WL as often as I can :)). And it's totally awesome system, I have tons of fun with it. So yeah, Tevta is the best. :) Now you know. ;D 

And an old mani, so it won't be just talk talk talk. Milani - Totally Cool. Love this colour. 

So, who is your nail-polish guru? ;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Za trenutek ali minuto sem nehala dihati, ko sem videla škatlo. OMG!

  2. Ful dober post! Jaz pravega oziroma osebnega NP guruja nimam, se pa prav tako občasno posvetujem s Tevto (in spremljam bloge, med drugim tudi tvojega ;) ). Mogoče je tudi Tevta malce kriva, da sem se začela spet ukvarjati z laki - na veliko sem se lakirala v gimnaziji (ko se je še ful težko dobilo zanimive barve), potem sem pa prekinila. Ko pa je Tevta fanatično iskala lake po Stockholmu, se je moje zanimanje spet prebudilo... ;)

    Vsekakor bi mi prav prišli nasveti o nanašanju laka na nohte, tu sem namreč še precej nerodna in spackana...

  3. Nimam guruja, samo nekaj všečnih blogov in nailgal za swatche..... Že tako imam za svoje potrebe preveč lakov (ki jih še kar počasi dokupujem)in ki jih bom porabila približno nikoli :-S

  4. O moj bog! Sem skoraj s stola padla, usta pa imam še vedno odprta... Super NP guruja imaš! :D Lahko pride kdaj tudi k meni na kavo ;)

  5. Ulmiel: my helmer is totally full, so I guess there are 500 polishes in my collection, not counting frankens :D (guess how much money I've sent to Latvia and how many polishes we will get- wiiii!). I still want BB couture (27 polishes), SpaRitual (14 polishes on wl) and red OPIs (I've been buying only dark, blue& green ones in the past). Maybe I could take few photos of my stash, if you are interested :)

    Kaneli: I resent the notion of me being guilty for the new spark in your nail polish obsession. if I had your nailbed, I would probably be a polish addict for 10 years, and not just 3 ;) and your application is nice - gets better every time we see each other.

    Biba: coffee is always an option with me ;)

  6. Nina, vem kaj misliš. Zakon pogled. :D

    Kaneli, hvala za opis. :D Če je interes, lahko naredim post o svojem tretmaju za nohte, samo ti kar takoj povem, da je pravilo številka ena vaja, da dobiš v roko ta ritem obračanja nohta na čopič in čopič na noht, več ko boš lakirala, boljša bo manikura, garantiram. :D

    Biba, vem! :D

    Erzebeth, the stash photos look simply to die for. And I'm TOTALLY curious about project Lativa!! :D I got my scolarship, so bring it on. :D Oh, don't mention BB couture, I think there is 28 of them on my WL ... Lord of the Rings, when will I buy them, I don't know. :D SpaRitual is one of the ignored brands on my list, since I'll go insane, if I find another one for my taste, before I get at least one brand checked on my WL. I already searched for the address of the salons in Prague that have Hollywood nails, but (luckily?) couldn't find them. Hehe.

    Hvala za komentarje!

  7. Tevta rocks =) Tud js bi mela takega guruja=), upam da spoznam nekega dne takšbo osebo =)