Tuesday, 19 October 2010

MAC - Bad Fairy

Hei! I just *have* to show you this one. I know you've seen it a million times before and I've planned to post some other stuff before I post this one, but cannot resist. This is the nail polish that completely corrected my opinion on MAC. I give credit for Mean&Green to Orly's Space Cadet, since it was out first, so yeah ... Bad Fairy is so goregous, it's totally worth the trouble of 4 layers. It's unbelievable. I need this one!!

Behold, I shall say no more.

 Under strong light, it looks like magic, dude!

 Another one under strong light. I simply ADORE this.

 Here's the duochrome effect. Du-de!!! Love it! LOVE IT!!

 I don't know why, but I really like this type of photo, you probably noticed I do it quite often.

Except the first two all the other pictures were taken in shitty grey outside lighting, and still this nail-polish looks stunning. I love it. Simply love it. It's undoubtely the winner for me in this collection. I have it on my nails now, and it's a WOW! effect every time I look at my nails. Ah. <3
Now, i've said it before - MAC is overrated in my opinion. Yes, Bad Fairy is a pure perfection, Mean & Green is a total dupe of Space Cadet that is again a pure perfection, and as you all know, Formidable! is not my thing. Still, for a company, that is sooooo worshiped, I'd want and expect piles of awesome, unique colours. Until now the only one that really made me fall in love with it is Bad Fairy. I mean, even looking at swatches. But I guess this is just a thing that every one of us has with a brand. My altar is dedicated to BB Couture and Illamasqua. And, if I'm really sincere, Illamasqua has some kick-ass nail-polish, but i've seen dupes of it, and lately nail-polish section was not up my alley, I prefered other make-up. Do I care? Nope, still my Illamasqua, no matter the price. I guess it's the same with MAC lovers.

What are your feelings towards Bad Fairy, Venomous Villains Collection and MAC in general? :) 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lepe fotke - jaz sem naredila swatch Bad Fairy za PL pri umetni svetlobi in je bilo zelo tezko ujeti duochrome efekt. Drugace sem BF nosila cel teden, preden sem prisla v Sloveniji, ko se je zaradi pakiranja nemarno obrusil. Res fantasticen lak,super za sive in temne jesenske dni. :) In ja, 4 plasti so potrebne, da pride do izraza.

    Sicer kanim prav danes spet uporabit Formidable! - meni je vsec, je pa res, da je BF mnogo bolj barvit, Mean & Green pa se caka na preizkus.

  2. Oj... I'm in love <3

    Imam samo en MAC lak in mi je v bistvu vseeno za MAC, samo ta lak pa bi imela...

  3. Jaz imam neko posebno ljubezen do MACa, pa ne vem zakaj :S
    Lak je zelo lep, jaz sem si iz te kolekcije kupila Lipglass Strange Potion, sem ga ukradla hudobni kraljici :D

  4. Hehe, Nina, se mi je zdelo, da ti bo všeč. :)

    Kaneli, uživaj s Formidable! ;) Jaz ravnokar zbiram lak za v Prago, hm hm. :D

    Biba, se strinjam, čist. :)

    Katkoc, lipglassi in šminke so v tej kolekciji res super, tako da dober nakup! :D

    Hvala za komentarje!

  5. A ne greš v Prago na koncert? Metal koncert = vampy lak, kajne? ;)

  6. Hehe, že, sam vampy lak sem imela prejšni teden na koncertu že ... in vleče me na zeleno. Thinking Emeral Sparkle ali MNY 761. Hm. Na koncu bo čisto nekaj drugega.