Thursday, 21 October 2010

O.P.I. - Sanguine

Hei everyone! Today's post will be a short one (I bet you're saying: 'finally!' right now ;)), since I'm packing for Prague right now, but I wanted to show you this beauty. From Go goth! mini collection I give you the ultra sexy Sanguine.

 Cloudy, grey weather, outside. 

 Direct sunlight, as on all following pictures.

This is one of those polishes, that make you feel sexy wearing it. It is simply gorgeous. It's a two-coater, and behaves very very nicely, brush of mini OPIs is not problematic for me. 

Oh, and guess what! When I return I'll show you Tevta's stash. I've seen it and it's ... it's heaven made of nail-polish. Seriously. Ah. <3 Untill then, have a great weekend! Can't wait to come to Prague, wiiii! :D 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Krasno ti paše! Lepo se imej!

  2. Lepo se imej!

    Pa komaj čakam, da vidim Tevtino zalogo laov :D

  3. Obožujem Prago, uživaj, Ulmiel!
    Za moje pojme imaš idealno dožino nohtov, lak je pa itak lep iz čisto vseh zornih kotov. No, meni so ti majhni čopiči čisto premajhni.:)

  4. Zelo lep oddtenek <3 Uživaj v Pragi! :)

  5. This is so nice:-) Thanks for the swatch. ur pics are really good:-)
    Keep up with ur new site. Definately ur new follower:-)
    If u have the time please visit mine too-

  6. Hvala vsem, vsekakor sem uživala, nekaj malega pa že delila tudi na blogu. :D

    Nailgalore, welcome! Thank you for the compliments, I'll gladly check your blog too!

    Thank you all for the comments!

  7. PS: Nailgalore, I can't comment on your blog. :S Maybe it's just temporarily, I'll try again later, maybe I'm overloading my comp or something ...