Sunday, 23 January 2011

Scotch tape try 2 (Chloe's Rays) with Catrice London's Weather Forecast and Back To Black

Hello people! How are you doing? You may want to skip to the * if you're not in the mood for moody moment. Because I'm quite grumpy today. My head hurts, my BF forgot his cellphone on fu*king Mars or something so I couldn't reach him to go outside when there was still sun and then in the end i didn't went at all because I feel a cold caught up with me yesterday. So yeah, the only thing saving my Sunday today (beside sunshine and awesome new polish) is Dylan Moran. I love that man. If you don't know who he is, boy oh boy, you're missing a lot-t-t! Ok, I'll stop whining!

Today I want to show you one of my untrieds that called to me and when I grabbed the bottle, I knew it was love. Catrice London's Weather Forecast. Boy oh boy oh boy! Gorgeous! You know what's funny about London's Weather Forecast? When I first saw the swatches and everybody just went crrrrazy over it I was like: it's a grey shimmer, what's so effing gorgeous about this? I didn't even buy it, Tevta bought it for me, saying I must try it on to see how awesome this one is. And she was right. Again. Mind you, I have some kind of grey phase, or something. Another colour I thought I won't really wear, that is rocking my world. 
And of course, since amazing Erika with her Chloe's Nails blog is making me play with patterns on my nails for the first time, I had to try the (I named it like that) Chloe's Rays accent mani. This entry of hers got me thinking I'll buy this Glazie Peachy Keen just to do the same combination. Argh, so beautiful! Anyway, I said, lets match the gorgeous London's Weather Forecast shimmer, with another black shimmer that Catrice did magic with, Back To Black. I looooove this polish, I can't believe I haven't worn it for months now. It will be my full manicure soon, you can bet your head on that! Ok, pictures!

 See the gorgeous shimmer both colours have? I think I left the bottom picture extra large to see the details.

Natural light the next morning, to show you shimmer is visible in every light.

Ok. First of all, I know, ok, I know the rays are so off center if they were a bit more off they'd already land on my middle finger. And I know the whole stripes thing isn't even, but after looking at it I kinda like that if you look at it from different angle, it looks more like black spikes and not grey rays. Or am I just trying to make myself feel better? Who knows. Bottom line is, I loved how this turned out. Both colours are simply stunning, I actually dare say Back To Black is very close to a particular new RBL shade, with all the colorful shimmer it contains. More about that with full Back To Black mani! Anyway. I'm loving this. Catrice gives me no trouble what so ever, two coats, Back To Black was perfect after only one coat, it dried fast, I used SV just because it was really late at night and i didn't want to ruin it with sheet prints on my nails. 

What do you think about it? And the colours? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. this is very gorgeous!!
    pretty color also!!

    I've also tried polish was still wet haha next time I have more patience :-)

  2. Prekrasno!!! Baš mi se sviđa vidjet malo nail art-a na tvojim noktima. Trebala mi malo češće to raditi jer ti odlično ide ;)

  3. It looks very nice. The effect gray and black has together is lovely.

  4. It looks amazing, I love accent finger manicures! :) Would go great with a black outfit.

  5. I LOVE the way this came out. I'm too scared to try this mani haha. :)

  6. You're being way too hard on yourself, your mani looks awesome!!!

  7. This mani is absolutely gorgeous! You did a great job. :)

  8. super ti je ispalo, ne grintaj :-D

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

    Renate, I put Seche Vite on top to make it dry faster, it makes whole deal much easier. :)

    Danny, thank you!

    Lalica, hehe, hvala Bogu da se vam sviđa, pošto se volim igrat sa ovim. :)

    Steffie, thank you! And I agree, I love the combination. :)

    Jette, I'm wearing mostly black, so I hope it does. :D

    Rachel Marie, so was I, hehe! But it's actually easier than expected, only putting everything in right proportional is difficult.

    FashionPolish, thanks. :) I still think it looks too much off center, but I'm glad you find it good. :)

    Chloe, welcome to my blog! And thank you! A compliment from the mastermind of the mani means a lot! :)

    Salla, thanks, I tried my best. :)

  10. Hehe, nail crazy, pisale smo u isto vrijeme. Hvala. :D

  11. Yay, super je! Chloe občudujem, kako si lahko izmisli in izvede vse te vzorčke s salotejpom :)

  12. Joj obozavam ovaj lak presavrsen je <3 a svidja mi se uzorak ala Chloe